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Zimbabwe: Smashing stereotypes and providing water during drought

 5th Feb 2020    Zimbabwe

47-year-old Angeline bends down to wipe the sweat from her eyes. Its midday in southern Zimbabwe and she’s out in the peak sun, without shade. But this doesn’t stop her. She has a job to do. A crucial, life-saving job. She’s here to fix the local water pump and provide ...

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Stories of Displaced People in Northwest Syria

 3rd Jan 2020    Syria

Some 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes in southern Idlib, between December 1st 2019 and January 1st 2020, moving further north away from the hostilities. Here are some of their stories.

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Join the Global 16 Days Campaign to end Gender Based Violence

 27th Nov 2019    None

The Global 16 Days of Campaign 2019 aims to prevent and end violence and harassment in the workplace with a policy focus on the ILO Convention on Ending Violence and Harassment in the World of Work.

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Let's sell peanut oil

 20th Nov 2019    Niger

Rakietou Hassane Mossi from CARE Niger, shares about a workshop connecting Mata Masu Dubara (MMD) or Women on the Move’s companies and the private sector in Zinder, organized by CARE and its implementing partner, Actions in Favor of the Vulnerables (AFV).

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5 Min Inspiration: Walking the talk of gender equality in Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda

 7th Nov 2019    Many

Women Economic empowerment and promotion of gender equality in Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda

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Facing a Harsh First Winter in a Refugee Camp

 31st Oct 2019    Syria

While Ali* was at his house in al-Darbasiyah, a border town in north-east Syria, fighting broke out and bombings began. The women and children left the town on the same day to a village 20 kilometers away, while the men stayed behind. As the fighting continued for the next few ...

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A Syrian mother in Northern Iraq: “We Barely Escaped Syria with Our Lives”

 31st Oct 2019    Many

Diana* left her village near Ras al-Ain, on the Syrian-Turkish border, with her three children after the military operation began in north-east Syria in early October. Her husband stayed behind to look after their house and belongings. While fleeing with her children who are between the ages of six and ...

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4 human-interest stories marking 6 months since the devastating of Cyclone Kenneth

 25th Oct 2019    Mozambique

Six months of responding to the Cyclone Kenneth disaster and success stories

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