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“I have no limits when it comes to work. I take the opportunities that I find”

 17th Aug 2020    Ecuador

32 years old Gregoris del Valle Camacho Figueroa, a Venezuelan migrant, lives in Huaquillas (on the border with Peru) in Ecuador with 2 of her children while her other 2 children remain with her mother in their home country of Venezuela.

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Lebanon: "We survived, but we're not okay"

 17th Aug 2020    Lebanon

One week after the devastating blast that shook Beirut to its core and destroyed half the city, the shock wave is not done ripping through the hearts and souls of those who witnessed the single largest explosion in peacetime history.

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Glimpses of Eid Over Years of Turmoil in Syria

 29th Jul 2020    Syria

Stories of Eid in Syria

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Unlocking the Lockdown: CARE Staff working in Cox's Bazaar complete 900 CARE Academy courses in just 90 days

 29th Jul 2020    Bangladesh

We all are living in and working through highly complex times. It is especially challenging for those who are on the frontlines providing essential and life-saving support. The staff members from Rohingya response in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh are no exceptions.

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Searching for Safe Spaces: Creating Online Communities for Youth under Lockdown in the Balkans

 22nd Jul 2020    Albania

In one day, 18-year-old Rubin went from hanging out with his friends at high school, to learning mathematics at home under lockdown in Albania.

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Living through displacement during the COVID-19 pandemic

 17th Jul 2020    Yemen

In Yemen, 24.3 million people, about 80% of the population, need some form of humanitarian aid and protection. Five years of conflict have left the country with the fourth-largest number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the world. A total of 3.6 million Yemenis were forced to flee their homes ...

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Nine on the Ninth: Hopes and Fears for the World’s Newest Nation As South Sudan Marks Ninth Anniversary of Independence

 9th Jul 2020    South Sudan

When South Sudan was celebrating its independence nine years ago, *Grace was months away from having her first child after an unexpected pregnancy that meant she had to leave her family home and get married to a boyfriend she had known at school.

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The Mountain Climb: Faced with poverty, displacement and loss one woman continues to walk on

 7th Jul 2020    Iraq

Khonaf Saido Abdullah is 54-year-old Yazidi mother of 7 from Sinjar, Iraq where she was living with her young children and disabled husband in a small rental property. They worked as farm labourers to get a small income, but she still did not have enough money to be able to ...

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An unequal emergency: Venezuelan women at risk of COVID-19 exploitation / Una emergencia desigual: mujeres venezolanas en riesgo de explotación por COVID-19

 26th Jun 2020    Venezuela

The biggest human mobility crisis in the Americas has a particularly serious impact on the lives of Venezuelan women, children and LGBTQI+ people. In a recent CARE rapid gender analysis (RGA) of the refugee and migrant crisis, findings show that the pandemic is ending livelihoods, transport and shelter for Venezuelans, ...

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Production of face Masks, a ray of hope for refugee women

 19th Jun 2020    Uganda

Since the outbreak of coronavirus and consequential lockdown, many businesses came to a standstill with a gross effect on the vulnerable communities. Fortunately, for Golden star women tailoring group located in Bidibidi settlement zone, village 13 in Yumbe District, all has not been lost. Their story is a true reflection ...

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