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Nine on the Ninth: Hopes and Fears for the World’s Newest Nation As South Sudan Marks Ninth Anniversary of Independence

 9th Jul 2020    South Sudan

When South Sudan was celebrating its independence nine years ago, *Grace was months away from having her first child after an unexpected pregnancy that meant she had to leave her family home and get married to a boyfriend she had known at school.

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The Mountain Climb: Faced with poverty, displacement and loss one woman continues to walk on

 7th Jul 2020    Iraq

Khonaf Saido Abdullah is 54-year-old Yazidi mother of 7 from Sinjar, Iraq where she was living with her young children and disabled husband in a small rental property. They worked as farm labourers to get a small income, but she still did not have enough money to be able to ...

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An unequal emergency: Venezuelan women at risk of COVID-19 exploitation / Una emergencia desigual: mujeres venezolanas en riesgo de explotación por COVID-19

 26th Jun 2020    Venezuela

The biggest human mobility crisis in the Americas has a particularly serious impact on the lives of Venezuelan women, children and LGBTQI+ people. In a recent CARE rapid gender analysis (RGA) of the refugee and migrant crisis, findings show that the pandemic is ending livelihoods, transport and shelter for Venezuelans, ...

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Production of face Masks, a ray of hope for refugee women

 19th Jun 2020    Uganda

Since the outbreak of coronavirus and consequential lockdown, many businesses came to a standstill with a gross effect on the vulnerable communities. Fortunately, for Golden star women tailoring group located in Bidibidi settlement zone, village 13 in Yumbe District, all has not been lost. Their story is a true reflection ...

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A Look at How Refugees Around the World Are Living During COVID-19

 18th Jun 2020    None

From Venezuelan migrants in Ecuador to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, this photo essay gives a glimpse into how displaced people are coping amid a pandemic.

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5 Min Inspiration: Women finding ways through food crisis

 11th May 2020    Many

In Ghana, they call them “market queens”—women traders who have the connections and influence to organize women, adjust market prices, and influence trading patterns in their area. Faced with government shutdowns in local markets to stop the spread of COVID19, these women found ways to organize social distancing and keep ...

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Normal life in abnormal times: Living in Dadaab refugee camp during a pandemic

 7th May 2020    Kenya

25 year old Muridi Zuberi is the first born of seven children, originally from Lower Juba, Somalia. He first arrived in Kenya in 2004 with his uncle. Muridi is married with a one and half month old baby.

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Why home-based humanitarianism can only take us so far

 23rd Apr 2020    None

As the world stays indoors, and individuals around the globe come together in a historical moment of solidarity to stop the spread of COVID-19, for many of the world’s most vulnerable people; lock downs, border restrictions and limitations on movement pose life threatening challenges.

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Swaying between a financial crisis and the coronavirus, Tripoli plunges into the abyss

 17th Apr 2020    Lebanon

In the winding alleys of Bab al-Tabbaneh’s vegetable market, in Tripoli, one could quickly slip into amnesia and become utterly oblivious of the Government of Lebanon’s enforced lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Creativity needed for the challenge of a Global Crisis

 17th Apr 2020    None

CARE teams and the people we serve have been rising to the challenge. They are adding one more critical ingredient: creativity.

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