About us

Founded in 1945 with the creation of the CARE Package®, we are a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.

CARE International places special focus on working alongside women and girls. Equipped with the proper resources, women and girls have the power to lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty.

In 2022, CARE International worked in over 111 countries, reaching 174 million people through nearly 1,631 projects.

Two Guatemalan women stand together with their arms around each other's shoulders.

CARE International places a special focus on working with women and girls.

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A woman smiles while holding a child in her arms. They are standing in an alley way with cheerful teal blue buildings on either side.

Mission and vision

All parts of CARE International work across the globe to achieve our mutual vision of a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice.

CARE International Secretary General Sofia Sprechmann, wearing an orange head scarf, clasps the hand of a woman, whose face is not visible.

Our leaders

Our Secretary General and supervisory board work together to support CARE staff and partners worldwide in the advancement of our global priorities.

Two people sit behind a desk, each wearing a blue surgical mask. One of them is reaching to hand a woman a paper document.

Our partners

We work with partners to achieve victories over poverty and social injustice across the world.

A woman stands in a field, with a young child rest against her back. He is swaddled in a patterned cloth that is tied around the woman's chest.

Annual reports

Read about CARE International's work around the world and the contributions we've made to accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Two Thai women, each wearing a bright orange CARE t-shirt and a light blue surgical mask, lead a group of children through a hallway.


The CARE International confederation is overseen by several governance and leadership bodies, all regulated by a common Code.

Three people sit at a desk together and review feedback. There are large papers on the nearby walls showing handwritten comments about CARE feedback.

Accountability and transparency

We are committed to transparent reporting on how we work to meet international standards of quality and accountability for all our partners, staff, and the communities we work with.

Two men, each wearing orange CARE face bandanas, talk while standing next to large walk-in food freezers.

Contact us

Find information and frequently asked questions about how best to get in touch with us.

A woman wearing a brightly colored pink, yellow, and green dress and matching head wrap smiles cheerfully while she talks on a black mobile phone.

Media contacts

Find out the ways to get in touch with our communications team so we can assist you with any media inquiries.