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Having left everything behind, Amreh created a new life in displacement

 21st Dec 2018    Ethiopia

Amreh is one of the 1 million people who were displaced during the most recent ethnic conflict in Gedeo and West Guji zones in southern Ethiopia

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“This is it. The end-of-world is here”

 21st Dec 2018    Indonesia

9 month pregnant Citra describes the situation as the Indonesia earthquake hit in September 2018

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"They raped me, and they beat me with their guns"

 11th Dec 2018    Many

She holds her gaze when she looks at me. Her eyes cannot lie. She is a survivor, still fighting to overcome the trauma. We meet in a refugee camp in Uganda. She tells me the world must know what she has been through. On her lap sits her daughter. A ...

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Forced marriage and violence, girls feel the pinch in South Sudan

 10th Dec 2018    South Sudan

“I felt like it was better to die than marry someone I didn’t know,” says 17 year old Mary (not real name)* from Torit in South Sudan. This is the pain Mary feels six months after she was nearly forced by her family to marry a stranger.

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We can only do our best

 6th Dec 2018    Yemen

Whenever I speak about my country I feel pain and sadness. The place I lived in my entire life which carries so many beautiful memories is being destroyed in front of my eyes. And with each story we see or hear in the news we feel like nothing will ever ...

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A Small Change May Happen Locally but its Impact is Global

 4th Dec 2018    Democratic Republic of Congo

As Humanitarian Partnership Coordinator for CARE, Frédérique is in Goma to support his team in the country to make the most of its partnerships with Congolese civil society organizations. CARE DRC’s work is intimately linked to local efforts to fight violence against women.

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Keeping women and girls safe from abuse

 30th Nov 2018    South Sudan

Thirty five year old Jane* from Torit in South Sudan says she doesn’t remember a day when she was happy in her marriage. For the past 10 years, her marriage has been shrouded by abuse and violence, leaving her with permanent emotional and physical scars. Jane is one of the ...

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Ways forward for the humanitarian system to better empower and protect women

 29th Nov 2018    Global

November 29th is the International Day of Women Human Rights Defenders, part of the 16 Days of Activism on Violence against Women and Girls. So it’s a good time to ask: how can the humanitarian sector better empower women – both within humanitarian agencies as well as local civil society ...

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Two different ways to die in Yemen

 27th Nov 2018    Yemen

It was 4pm and I was staying late in the office after work to do a radio interview about the humanitarian situation in Yemen. During the interview my phone was on silent, and when it finished I turned it over to see many missed calls and a message telling me ...

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Making work safe for women everywhere: 5 things to know about ending violence and harassment

 26th Nov 2018    Global

Movements like #MeToo, #YoTambién, #BalanceTonPorc, #NiUnaMenos and others have sparked widespread debate; violence and harassment against women is being exposed in more sectors, and the violence endured by women who are often less visible is gaining more attention; there’s one debate taking place that less people know so much about ...

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