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Petals of a lotus flower: how CARE helped one woman push past her boundaries through economic empowerment

 14th Mar 2018    Yemen

Despite conflict and hardship in Yemen, 45-year-old Amt- Al Salam is making exceptional efforts to cope with the situation and to fight all norms. With every step she took she was opening a petal one by one. This is her inspiring story.

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From Everything to Nothing...

 12th Mar 2018    Niger

Ramatou has four children – three girls and two boys. They had to flee from armed groups in their home village. Some of the other villagers were killed and others kidnapped, but they were lucky enough to flee. All of this happened three years ago. Since then, Ramatou and her ...

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“Find your passion and achieve it”

 7th Mar 2018    Yemen

Helalah knew what she wanted to do when she grew up. Today, despite the ongoing conflict in Yemen, she continues to hold on to her dreams

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Kosovo: Healing from conflict and “Super Dads”

 27th Feb 2018    Kosovo

During and after the conflict, CARE provided emergency assistance in camps, including food, shelter and medical assistance.

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Women build nations”: stories of female empowerment in wartime Yemen

 27th Feb 2018    Yemen

Reading and hearing about war in books and movies sounds terrifying but living in it is a different scenario.

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Life is hard for Congolese refugees in Burundi

 21st Feb 2018    Burundi

The level of support is not matching the staggering needs

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"What gets you through the day?"

 20th Feb 2018    Bangladesh

"What gets you through the day?", we asked 10 refugees in the camps in Bangladesh.

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South Sudan: “A Ray of Hope after the famine”

 20th Feb 2018    South Sudan

A ray of hope shone on Ghak when she was registered as a beneficiary in CARE’s South Sudan Joint Response project.

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Caught in captivity - the suffering of refugee women in Bangladesh

 19th Feb 2018    Bangladesh

The scene of the refugee camps in Bangladesh give an illusion that the worst is over. But underneath the smiles are countless stories of horror and pain.

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A roof for my family

 16th Feb 2018    Haiti

From his last trip to Grande Anse where CARE has launched a major emergency response to Hurricane Matthew since October 2016, Nelson Jean-Francois has brought back the testimony of a young combative woman who has found hope thanks to a shelter project supported by Walmart.

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