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4 human-interest stories marking 6 months since the devastating of Cyclone Kenneth

 25th Oct 2019    Mozambique

Six months of responding to the Cyclone Kenneth disaster and success stories

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5 Minutes of Inspiration: Sudanese helping each other

 15th Oct 2019    Sudan

2 out of 3 of the people in CARE’s South and East Darfur Emergency Assistance project said what they want the next phase of the project to do is help more people in different communities. It’s an incredibly humbling fact: people who are getting the most basic support, and are ...

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What happens when women in poverty are economic powerhouses? The world changes

 14th Oct 2019    None

We usually think of women in CARE’s projects as beneficiaries or participants, but they are so much more powerful than that. Women who work in CARE’s programs use their skills to build businesses, create jobs, keep fresh produce in markets, and respond to emergencies. Let’s flip the narrative.

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Blackberries in Guatemala beat El Nino

 14th Oct 2019    Guatemala

It’s not blackberries alone, but with the help of green beans, snow peas, and new agricultural techniques, farmers in Guatemala were able to have higher-than-average production, even in the midst of a severe drought, and an 8.2% increase in income.

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5 Minutes Inspiration: How garment workers in Bangladesh are asserting their rights

 14th Oct 2019    Bangladesh

Manu was the only member of an EKATA group in her factory. When Manu learned her factory would close, she informed the factory managers that she and others would protest if they were not fully paid. Her leadership ensured more than 400 workers received full salaries and compensation.

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17 years old, Yara, is a lesson in determination from North-West Syria

 11th Oct 2019    Syria

Yara* is a 17-year-old girl, originally from Deir Ezzor, in eastern Syria. Before the war, Yara and her family led a simple, peaceful life. She attended the primary school that was close to their house and describes those years as the best times of her childhood. Life was simple before ...

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North-West Syria: Life in Displacement

 8th Oct 2019    Syria

The humanitarian situation for hundreds of women, men and children in northwest Syria continues to deteriorate dramatically as the latest escalation in hostilities is now in its fourth month and people have nowhere to seek refuge.

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5 girls defining what it means to be “unscripted and unstoppable” on International Day of the Girl

 7th Oct 2019    Many

“Girl Force: Unscripted and unstoppable" is the theme for the 2019 International Day of the Girl Child, on October 11. Girl force describes the stories of these five girls from around the world. Forces for change, for hope, for inspiration and for bravery.

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A mother, displaced in northwest Syria: “We can never go back home”

 2nd Oct 2019    Syria

Hundreds of civilians have been killed or injured due to airstrikes and shelling, while some 630,000 displacements have taken place between the beginning of May and the end of August, as people flee their homes to escape war. Having nowhere else to go, the majority of displaced families have been ...

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“I feel like a burden” - The story of a Yemeni girl who lost her leg to a landmine when she was 16

 2nd Oct 2019    Yemen

Thaibah lost her ability to walk when she stepped on a landmine in 2017. CARE helped Thaibah’s family with cash transfers (288,000 Yemeni Rial, approximately US$530, over the span of six months). Thaibah’s family used the money to pay for the hospital transportation and to buy food.

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