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Global network

CARE International is a global network of experts, working together to save lives, end poverty, and fight for social justice. 

A global network of experts 

CARE International is a global network of independent national organizations, which include CARE members, candidates, and affiliates, social enterprises, and thousands of community-based partner organizations all working together across more than 100 countries to save lives, end poverty, and fight social injustice. 

With global expertise in scale and replication, a catalogue of resources, tools and best practice approaches, access to channels of influence both locally and globally, CARE International is a highly respected and active voice in shaping global development agendas and policies. We are known for our unshakable commitment to gender equality, and for elevating the voices of the most vulnerable people around the world. 

We are guided by both our principles, and our evidence-base of practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to poverty. 

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Where we work

We work in over 100 countries across the globe to save lives, fight poverty, and achieve social justice. Find out more about the work of our country offices and members around the world.

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A leading organizational model 

Each CARE Member is an independent organization that leads programs, raises funds, advocates on key issues, communicates to the public in their country, and supports the work of CARE International’s programming across the world.  

CARE International has been advancing efforts to build a more diverse membership and overall organizational model since 1998, setting intentional strategies to achieve this. 

  • In 2014, recognizing the growing need for more equal representation, CARE International committed to a fundamental realignment of its membership by increasing global south representation in our decision-making spaces   
  • In 2017, noting that diversifying through a track to membership alone was not sufficient, CARE International agreed on a set of strategic approaches and actions that would support diversification in more dynamic, evolving, and creative ways. 
  • In 2018, current, new, and emerging CARE Members produced The Cairo Compact, a compelling proclamation of our commitment to truly leveraging diversity. 
  • Our Vision 2030 is a framework for how we envision the CARE of the future. It is a flexible framework that allows for continuous reflection and evolution, in line with an ever changing world.  

CARE International Secretariat 

The CARE International Secretariat coordinates and supports the CARE network to achieve common impact goals and shared global priorities. It leads CARE International’s humanitarian coordination and represents the confederation at the United Nations, the European Union, and other global forums. 

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What we do

We tackle the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice to deliver lasting change in the lives of poor and vulnerable communities.

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The CARE International confederation is overseen by several governance and leadership bodies, all regulated by a common Code.

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Our leaders

Find information about CARE International's Secretary General and Supervisory Board.