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Greece: As Winter Nears, Asylum Seekers Stuck in Tents on Is...

Greece 22nd Nov 2017

Asylum Seekers Stuck in Tents on Islands

12days into the blockade – We are running out of Fuel, Food...

Yemen 20th Nov 2017

12 days since land, air and seaports in Yemen were closed

Agreements at UN climate talks fall behind vulnerable countr...

Germany-Luxemburg 17th Nov 2017

Bonn, Germany. 17 November. The international humanitarian and development agency CARE International comments...

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Glimpse of light after the battle in Marawi

Philippines 15th Nov 2017

After days of hearing non-stop gunshots and bombings a, 77-year-old widow Dipumbae saw a glimpse of light.

The toymaker of Azraq

Jordan 14th Nov 2017

At 65 years of age with a thin white beard and a broad smile, Mohammed Asaf certainly looks the part.

“No mother should see her child starving.”

Many 14th Nov 2017

Lami Mahamadou was living life to the fullest. One night in Baga, they heard people screaming and gun shots.

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working together to end poverty.

In 2016, CARE worked in 94 countries around the world, implementing 962 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects, to reach more than 80 million people directly and 256 million people indirectly .

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CARE International Annual Report 2016

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