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Less than 1 % of humanitarian aid spent on protecting women...

Global 22nd May 2019

CARE International will this morning (23 May 2019) challenge global leaders to commit long-term, predictable f...

”Terrifying storm of bombs” in Yemen capital kills sleeping...

Yemen 16th May 2019

Hours after the UN Security Council heralded the success of the handover of Hodeidah port as a vital step in t...

Communities bend, they do not break in the face of disaster...

Global 15th May 2019

In the advent of the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR), CARE releases a new publication, We B...

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Camp of Barsalgho

Burkina Faso 17th May 2019

This camp was set up following the various displacements due to the insecurity since the end of 2018-beginning...

Idrissa Sawadogo

Burkina Faso 17th May 2019

Idrissa Sawadogo, 41, is a father of eight children and married to two women. He is from Arbinda and was a ver...

Maimounata Sawadogo

Burkina Faso 17th May 2019

Maimounata Sawadogo is a 33-year-old woman and mother of 2 children, Zoubeirou Sawadogo (4 years old) and Hali...

CARE International is a global confederation of 14 member and 4 candidate/affiliate organisations working together to end poverty.

In 2018, CARE worked in 95 countries around the world, implementing 965 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects.

We reached more than 55 million people directly and 340 million people indirectly.

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Ending Violence and Harassment at Work: A Guide to the ILO Convention

Charles Fox / CARE 2 Everyone, everywhere has the right to work free from violence and harassment. A...

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