CARE International is a global confederation of 14 member and 6 candidate and 1 affiliate organisations working together to end poverty.

In 2020, CARE worked in 104 countries around the world, implementing 1,349 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects.

We reached more than 92.3 million people directly and 433.4 million people indirectly.


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“If We Don’t Work, We Don’t Eat”: Syrian Women Face Mounting Food Insecurity a Decade Into Conflict.

Ten years ago, the lives of many Syrians changed profoundly as violence erupted between the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and armed resistance forces. The resulting humanitarian crisis is one of the worst of our time – 6.7 million Syrians remain internally displaced; 11 million people are in need1 and 12.4 million live with food insecurity. In recent months, the situation has deteriorated even further as the COVID-19 pandemic, mass displacements, natural disaster, economic collapse and ong...


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