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South Sudan: Highest number of people facing food gaps ever...

South Sudan 21st Jun 2017

South Sudan is experiencing the most alarming levels of food insecurity in its history.

New CARE study: Syrian refugees, cash-strapped and without...

Syria 20th Jun 2017

CARE International releases “Seven Years into Exile: The challenges and coping strategies of urban Syrian refu...

South Sudanese Women and Girls Arriving in Uganda Traumatize...

Many 12th Jun 2017

Alarming health and safety risks for refugee women and girls fleeing South Sudan; urgent assistance needed

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Women continue to bear brunt of Syrian refugee crisis

Syria 19th Jun 2017

Op-ed: Eman Ismail, Deputy Country Director, CI Jordan on the plight of female Syrian refugees in Jordan

Five Things You Need to Know about the Uganda Refugee Crisis

Many 16th Jun 2017

This article outlines five main facts about the Uganda refugee crisis that you should know

South Sudan to Uganda: 3 girls in search of survival and sch...

Uganda 16th Jun 2017

Sometimes a child finds a guardian on the journey to Uganda. Other times, friends become each other’s guardian...

CARE International is a global confederation of 14 member organisations working together to end poverty.

In 2016, CARE worked in 94 countries around the world, implementing 962 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects, to reach more than 80 million people directly and 256 million people indirectly .

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Seven Years into Exile Factsheet CARE’S CASE ASSESSMENT...

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