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Ten things that we can do to help shine a light on forgotten crises amidst a global pandemic

 11th Jan 2021    None

COVID-19 continues to spread its tentacles in a world where humanitarian need was already widespread and growing. Before the virus hit, over one billion people were affected by longterm crises such as conflict, forced displacement and the effects of climate change. The pandemic is compounding these challenges.

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How journalists are highlighting forgotten humanitarian crises

 11th Jan 2021    Many

2020’s list of most-underreported crises covers a wide array of humanitarian contexts. With this report, CARE keeps calling for more media coverage and ‘off the beaten track’-reporting. But how is this done? What are the main obstacles and rewards?

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“Humanitarian workers are struggling to keep up with the flow of refugees and to build up an infrastructure to accommodate them”

 22nd Dec 2020    Sudan

During my recent visit to the Ethiopian Tigray refugees in Um Raquba camp, eastern Sudan I saw a devastating humanitarian situation.

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Malak’s story: A hero in the fight against coronavirus

 17th Dec 2020    Yemen

Yemen has been devastated by civil war, food shortages, and COVID-19 – but Malak has not lost hope

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10 Stories of Strength and Hope in 2020

 17th Dec 2020    None

Be inspired by these ten stories of strength and hope in the face of an unprecedented year .

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One Family’s Close Call During Beirut’s Deadly Explosions Motivated Them to Help Rebuild

 17th Dec 2020    Lebanon

A father, daughter and dozens of others from their nearby town drive in daily offering food and other support.

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How a Women’s Savings Group in Niger Came Together to Supply More than 10,000 Masks

 17th Dec 2020    Niger

After their jobs disappeared due to coronavirus, savings group president Aïchatou Cheitou helped focus the group on mask and soap production and started a mutual aid program to ensure families in her community had enough to eat.

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Cultivating Hope: How one Palestinian woman transformed her business due to COVID-19

 4th Dec 2020    Palestine (West Bank/Gaza)

For many mothers in Palestine, the lock down was not a pleasant experience. Overburdened with endless house chores, child care, psychological and emotional pressure and home schooling most women did not find time to do anything for themselves. Bayan Farraj a married mother of three, from Ramallah was not so ...

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Difficulties of living in a refugee camp are intensified for those who live with disabilities

 2nd Dec 2020    Bangladesh

17-year-old Zokiya shares her experiences of fleeing violence in Myanmar and confronting challenges like accessibility and discrimination at her new home in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

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