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Bangladesh: Meet 5 GBV activists who are volunteering and leading in their communities

 24th Nov 2020    Bangladesh

Stories from Women and Girls’ Safe Space operated by CARE Bangladesh

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Egypt: Barely surviving COVID-19, refugees find help through hotlines

 24th Nov 2020    Egypt

The Nile river hugs refugees from 58 different countries along its banks mostly living in urban areas. The UNHCR registered 256,632 refugees and asylum-seekers in Egypt by February 2020. Sudanese and South Sudanese consist of a large number of them: 48,343 and 19,382 respectively, besides other nationalities.

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Nepal: 18-year-old activist starts the first anti-rape demonstration in her city

 24th Nov 2020    Nepal

The leader of that event was 18-years old, Pooja Teli, from Bagaha, Rohini 1- Rupandehi, Nepal.

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Cambodia: Trainings help Compliance officer to keep factory workers safe from sexual harassment

 24th Nov 2020    Cambodia

The project, Enhancing Women’s Voice to Stop Sexual Harassment, is working in Cambodia to address sexual harassment in garment factories (STOP).

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South Sudan: Using radio to educate on COVID-19 and gender based violence

 24th Nov 2020    South Sudan

Rachel Adau Gieu, 29 years, Executive Director, implementing Projects WVL in Bor-Jonglei State, and Aweil Northern Bahr el Ghazal State in South Sudan. My work involves empowering women and girls in the Access to Living Standards, Justice and Women Rights Programme by sensitizing communities on the rights of women and ...

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Hurricane Eta Aftermath and Response in Photos

 20th Nov 2020    Honduras

Over 3 million people have been affected by Hurricane Eta. CARE is responding with food, shelter and more.

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5 Min Inspiration: A path for hope

 10th Nov 2020    None

For the first time in history, the United States has elected a woman of color as Vice-President. It's historic moment for celebration. If the election revealed nothing else last week, it showed that America is a country deeply divided.

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3 Months after the Beirut Blast

 4th Nov 2020    Lebanon

Survivors rely on NGOs to return to their homes

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5 Min Inspiration: How diets (and CARE) help kids grow up healthy

 10th Sep 2020    None

As many as 149 million children under five are stunted (too short for their age) and over 49 million are wasted (too thin). Malnutrition is more than a lack of food or calories. Good nutrition demands a diversity of quality food, with the right nutrients, in the right amounts.

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MOVE UP mobile market: Creating alternative livelihoods for pandemic-affected communities in Cotabato City, Philippines

 1st Sep 2020    Philippines

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting not just the health but also the livelihoods of people around the world. In Cotabato City, many from urban poor communities have been unable to work because of strict quarantine measures imposed across the Philippines, midway through March 2020.

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