The CARE International confederation is overseen by several governance and leadership bodies, all regulated by a common Code.

The CARE International family

CARE International is a global network of independent national organizations, which include CARE members, candidates and affiliates, social enterprises, and thousands of community-based partner organizations working together across more than 100 countries to save lives, end poverty and fight social injustice. 

As a confederation, the CARE International network operates within various levels of governance, all bound together by our common vision, mission, and shared values. The CARE International Code is a core guiding document, subject to the statutes, that defines who CARE International is, what binds us, and how different parts of the CARE International network work together. 


CARE International is a global network of 18 national members, two candidates and one affiliate with a common vision and mission to defeat poverty.   

All CARE International members are independent organizations with their own areas of activity, strengths and expertise who coordinate and work together to achieve our shared goals.  

Current members include: 

CARE Australia, CARE Canada, CARE Deutschland, CARE Danmark, CARE Egypt Foundation, CARE France, CARE India, Yayasan CARE Peduli (Indonesia)CARE Japan, CARE Luxembourg, CARE Nederland, CARE MarocCARE Norge, CARE Österreich, CARE Peru, Raks Thai (Thailand), CARE UK and CARE USA.

As part of our journey to diversify our membership, candidate members represent CARE International entities currently on a timebound journey to becoming full members.   

Current candidates include: 

CARE Caucasus and CARE Czech Republic.

Affiliate members are more independent parts of our network, they do not use the CARE brand identity, but work as part of the CARE network based on a shared set of goals and values and in line with our mutual strategic interests. 

Current affiliates include: 


Our governance and leadership structures 

CARE’s key governance and leadership bodies include: 

  • Our Supervisory Board is an independent body charged with strategic, operational, legal and financial oversight and advancing shared global priorities. The Supervisory Board meets quarterly. Meet the members of The Supervisory Board.
  • The Council is the highest authority of CARE International, which serves as a representative forum for the diverse, worldwide membership of CARE. The Council meets annually. 
  • The National Directors Committee (NDC) is the global leadership team made up of the Secretary General and the representative leaders of each Member and Candidate. Affiliates are sometimes invited to participate on relevant topics. The NDC convenes regularly to make joint management decisions and ensure effective coordination amongst Members. 
  • The CI Secretariat supports the advancement of CARE’s joint global priorities and interests. It is overseen by the CI Supervisory Board and funded by the membership to convene global governance and leadership teams, define and advance shared strategic priorities, measure and report on accountability and coordinate the contributions of all parts of CI for joined up influencing, investment and impact. 
  • Strategic Leadership Teams have been established to provide thought leadership, analysis and accelerated action on shared priorities. These interdisciplinary teams comprise of staff from across the confederation. There are 2 active SLTs: Program Quality and Impact (PQ&I), and Organizational Development and Accountability (OD&A).  We also have a wide range of deeply connected formal and informal working groups and communities of practice working across the globe together on areas such as humanitarian response, gender equality, advocacy, fundraising and communications.

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Our leadership

CARE International’s Secretary General and our supervisory board work together to support CARE staff and partners worldwide in the advancement of our global priorities.

Mission and vision

CARE International works across the globe to achieve a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice.