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Myanmar: My life in Myanmar

 14th Oct 2021    Myanmar

I am 13 years old, have seven siblings and live in Myanmar.

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Somalia: On the receiving end of climate change

 27th Aug 2021    Somalia

One of the heroes working on the frontlines to combat climate change and reduce the mitigate risks on communities is Kamal Farah. His job involves supporting communities in Somalia on how they can better cope with the everyday effects of climate change.

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Iraq: “We need to expand our business”

 25th Aug 2021    Iraq

In August 2014, hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee from the Sinjar mountains when armed groups attacked the region. At the peak of the crisis, more than 6 million people were living in camps and host communities across Northern Iraq. Zubaida and Jihan are both graduates of ...

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"For me it's always August 4, 2020"

 3rd Aug 2021    Lebanon

Hayat Abou Chakra lost her son in the Beirut Explosion in 2020. 1 year after, she sat down and talked to us how life has been.

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Menstrual health in a refugee setting Uganda

 22nd Jul 2021    Uganda

Several girls were interviewed about the challenges of menstruation in a refugee setting. Their families and representatives from WoMena were also interviewed.

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Where do you go? A glimpse of what life is like for migrants and refugees in Ecuador

 14th Jul 2021    Ecuador

CARE Ecuador recently completed a study across 8 different regions of the country looking at the difficult shelter situation new arrivals face in the country.

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CARE shares learnings from latest impact analysis of contributions to the SDGs’

 5th Jul 2021    None

CARE International releases “CARE and the SDGs: Impact and Learning Analysis 2015-2020” a report demonstrating the contributions of CARE and our partners towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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'When You Have Money, Your Voice Will be Heard by All'

 2nd Jul 2021    Niger

How VSLA Savings Groups Promote Gender Equality

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“Despite the dark realities of daily life, displaced women – as they so often do – are rising”

 17th Jun 2021    Many

Today, on World Refugee Day, I reflect on this often-repeated phrase since COVID-19 disrupted all our lives: “No one is safe until everyone is safe”. We have seen how interconnected our planet is.

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Uganda: "I have the power to change other people"

 17th Jun 2021    Uganda

Like tales of most refugee women, Turpaina Nyoka aged 40, fled the war in South Sudan in May 2018 together with her seven children and was resettled in Village 5 in Omugo Zone of the Rhino Camp Settlement, Terego District.

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