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CARE calls for an end to targeted violence against aid workers in South Sudan

 25th Jul 2018    South Sudan

CARE has joined United Nations and civil society organisations in South Sudan to denounce recent attacks on aid workers and destruction of property in Maban County.

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Joint INGO Statement: Fresh Displacement Increasing Humanitarian Needs in Ethiopia

 23rd Jul 2018    Ethiopia

At least 1 million people, the majority of whom being women and children are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance following recent inter-communal conflict in Ethiopia.

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Humanitarian situation dire as hundreds of thousands leave their homes in south Syria

 6th Jul 2018    Syria

Intense fighting in southern Syria has displaced some 330,000 people and has led to dozens of deaths, including among women and children, since 17 June. This is the largest displacement in the south since the conflict began more than seven years ago.

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CARE Welcomes Ceasefire in South Sudan

 29th Jun 2018    South Sudan

The global humanitarian organization CARE is encouraged by the ceasefire announced this week by warring factions in the world’s youngest country, South Sudan, particularly the portion of the agreement calling for opening up corridors of humanitarian aid. The ceasefire is due to begin June 30, and the parties are committed ...

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CARE warns against another humanitarian catastrophe in Southern Syria as fighting intensifies

 27th Jun 2018    Syria

The recent military offensive in Southern Syria has pushed tens of thousands of civilians from Eastern Daraa to areas near the closed border with Jordan

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Joint INGO Statement in the Event of an Escalation on Hodeidah

 14th Jun 2018    Yemen

International aid groups working in Yemen today expressed outrage at the loss of human life that has resulted from a military assault on Hodeidah city and its port and accused the attackers of a total disregard for human suffering.

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CARE: “Attack on Hodeidah multiplies horror and death in Yemen”

 13th Jun 2018    Yemen

As the offensive on the key Yemeni port of Hodeidah has begun, CARE International in Yemen warns that this will have a catastrophic impact on the civilian population. The civil war in Yemen has already cost the lives of more than 10,000 people and is labelled as today’s worst humanitarian ...

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Reactive - displacement in Syria in 2018

 11th Jun 2018    Syria

The UN has announced today that nearly a million people have been displaced in Syria during the first four months of 2018, the highest level in the seven-year conflict

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Joint INGO Proactive on the Escalation of Violence on Hodeidah

 11th Jun 2018    Yemen

INGOs in Yemen today warned that any further escalation of violence around the port city Hodeidah could have catastrophic consequences. Humanitarian organizations fear an imminent attack on the city given developments on the ground over recent weeks.

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World moves a step closer to ending violence and harassment at work

 8th Jun 2018    Global

The global poverty-fighting organisation CARE International has welcomed the decision for a new International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention on “Ending violence and harassment in the world of work” – following CARE’s #thisisnotworking campaign.

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