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CARE responds to earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

 2nd Oct 2018    Indonesia

As death toll soars, CARE aims to focus on hard-to-reach areas, north of Palu

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CARE begins emergency response activities in Indonesia as death toll soars

 1st Oct 2018    Indonesia

International NGO CARE today began preparations for an assessment of the damages caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has left at least 832 people dead and a further 540 injured on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

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7.5 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia

 28th Sep 2018    Indonesia

CARE is closely monitoring the situation in Indonesia and is ready to respond if and when needed, after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hits the island of Sulawesi.

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Joint NGO Statement on Yemen - 73rd UN General Assembly

 25th Sep 2018    Yemen

A joint statement by international NGO's for the event of the 73rd UN General Assembly demanding a political solution that brings an end to the war in Yemen.

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Deadly Rebel Attack Underscores Difficulty of Containing Ebola in the DRC

 25th Sep 2018    Democratic Republic of Congo

Clashes between the national army and an armed group, which killed 18 people and injured 8 here over the weekend, have forced aid groups to suspend parts of the Ebola response, highlighting how difficult it is to contain the first outbreak of the deadly virus in a war zone.

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Amid disastrous storms across the globe, concrete, gender-responsive solutions to climate impacts are needed by the G7

 19th Sep 2018    Global

As G7 ministers prepare to discuss ridding the oceans of plastics, CARE is also calling on officials to dive deeper with climate change commitments to protect the most vulnerable, particularly women and girls.

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VENEZUELA: Mismatched migration policies leave displaced people in dire conditions between borders

 19th Sep 2018    Many

The international community urgently needs to step up funding and better coordinate their efforts to support hundreds of thousands of refugees from Venezuela, warns the aid organization CARE.

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Steady increase in airstrikes forces more displacement and renews concerns about aid blockages

 14th Sep 2018    Yemen

An increase in airstrikes in Hodeidah is instilling fear and terror in residents, many of whom are being forced to flee and leave their homes behind.

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Care Prepares For Strongest Typhoon To Hit The Philippines This Year, Ready To Respond

 12th Sep 2018    Philippines

CARE is closely monitoring the track of Mangkhut, and coordinating with its partner Cagayan Valley Disaster Response Center & Cordillera Disaster Response and Development Services.

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