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CARE: WFP’s Nobel Peace Prize is a ‘renewed commitment to multilateralism and global solidarity’

 9th Oct 2020    None

CARE International warmly congratulates their long standing partners the UN World Food Programme (WFP) on winning this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. This signals a renewed commitment to multilateralism and global solidarity, particularly at a time when food systems all over the world are becoming increasingly unjust and broken

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Empowered girls lead the way to innovative and impactful solutions in the midst of COVID-19

 8th Oct 2020    None

As the world celebrates International Day of the Girl this Sunday 11 October, CARE calls for girls’ voices to be amplified, and for them to shape prevention and response interventions in the fight against COVID-19.

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Over 21,000 people killed since UN global ceasefire-resolution

 25th Sep 2020    None

At least 21,347 people have been killed in conflict, including more than 5,800 civilian adults and children who were directly targeted[i], despite the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution calling for a global cessation of hostilities some 90 days ago. Instead of a ceasefire, allowing countries and humanitarian organisations ...

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Financial Insecurity, Hunger, Mental Health are Top Concerns for Women Worldwide

 22nd Sep 2020    None

CARE International releases “She Told Us So: Rapid Gender Analysis - Closing the Data Gaps to Build Back Equal,” a comprehensive report featuring first person accounts of over 10,000 participant views of the unique challenges faced by women during COVID-19.

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Niger flooding causes over 36,000 houses to collapse

 15th Sep 2020    Niger

NIAMEY, 14 September 2020: Severe floods caused by torrential rain in Niger have caused death and destruction of property across the country, affecting 432,613 people, and leaving them in need of shelter, water, food and essential items.

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CARE calls on Security Council members to prioritise peace for Yemen

 14th Sep 2020    None

On the eve of the UN General Assembly, CARE calls on UN Security Council members to do everything in their power to secure lasting and inclusive peace for Yemen.

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CARE selected as a global leader in new #GenerationEquality Action Coalition to achieve economic justice and rights for women and girls

 10th Sep 2020    None

CARE International is honored to be selected by the Generation Equality Forum core group - as one of the global leaders of the Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights. This is one of six coalitions bringing together a diverse group of public, private and civil society organizations, each tasked ...

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Back to school around the world amidst a pandemic

 2nd Sep 2020    Many

As children across Europe and North America trickle back into schools, we look to their counterparts across the world. How are children, in countries like Madagascar, Afghanistan and Haiti, returning to school?

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COVID-19 and extreme weather events threaten to roll back gains in Rohingya camps despite early success in tackling the virus

 24th Aug 2020    Bangladesh

Bangladesh, 24 August 2020: The global death toll from the coronavirus has crossed 800,000 as confirmed cases surged past 23 million, with Bangladesh overtaking Pakistan to become 15th on the list of countries with most COVID-19 patients. While the country has crossed a grim milestone, there are so far fewer ...

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Amidst coronavirus pandemic, Syria ranks deadliest places to be an aid worker in 2020, for fourth year in a row

 19th Aug 2020    Syria

Syria tops the list of deadliest places to be an aid worker for the fourth year in a row according to an analysis done by CARE International on data from the Aid Worker Security Database. A devastating 74 aid workers have lost their lives since the beginning of this year, ...

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