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CARE International one of first international NGOs to begin vital aid assistance to those affected by Beirut blast, as death toll continues to rise

 6th Aug 2020    Lebanon

CARE International is to begin vital lifesaving food assistance, via local organisations, to thousands of people in Beirut after the devastating explosion that decimated much of the city’s port and surrounding areas

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July 31 African Women's Day: Top 7 Impacts Of The COVID-19 Crisis On West African Women And 7 West African Organizations’ Pro-posed Solutions

 31st Jul 2020    Many

To mark African Women's Day on July 31st, seven West African organizations and international charities Oxfam and CARE are highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women in West Africa and the experiences, ideas and proposed solutions around 7 identified priorities, by and for women in the region.

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Bangladesh faces worst flood in recent years with over 3 million people badly hit; CARE Bangladesh braces for response amidst COVID pandemic

 27th Jul 2020    Bangladesh

Heavy monsoon rains in the upstream regions and incessant onrush of water from upstream over the last weeks inundated 21 northern, north-eastern and south-eastern districts in Bangladesh affecting over 3.3 million people. So far 93 people have lost their lives, mostly from drowning where nearly half of the victims are ...

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Stigma harming Somalia's efforts to stop COVID-19

 21st Jul 2020    Somalia

Stigma around COVID-19 is stopping Somalis from seeking medical treatment and thwarting efforts in Somalia and Somaliland to stop the spread of the virus, including track and trace.

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CARE International expresses alarm over lack of funding for GBV in COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan

 16th Jul 2020    None

July 16 update of the Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP), which aims to deliver a comprehensive and coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic, does not go far enough to ensure that Gender-based Violence (GBV) is a response priority, says humanitarian organisation CARE International.

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CARE condemns Yemen attacks which killed women and children

 15th Jul 2020    Yemen

CARE condemns attacks in Yemen’s Hajjah and Al Jawf governorates in the last four days which reportedly killed 18 civilians in or close to their homes, including ten children and four women. This means more families cruelly torn apart and more loved ones lost forever in a country where 80 ...

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Families swapping children’s toys for food as COVID-19 compounds food crisis in Lebanon

 15th Jul 2020    Lebanon

Over half the population in Lebanon are currently struggling to access food as coronavirus lockdowns, rising inflation and the health crisis are making most basic foodstuffs unaffordable for the average Lebanese family.

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UN Security Council to further restrict humanitarian access to northwest Syria

 12th Jul 2020    Syria

Today’s vote by the Security Council to further restrict humanitarian access to northwest Syria is both reckless and heartless. At a time when humanitarian needs in the NW of the country have never been higher, the Council has effectively shut down the most direct access route to food, shelter and ...

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CARE warns: Rapidly rising COVID-19 cases and massive lack of humanitarian funding put most vulnerable on the brink of survival in Iraq

 9th Jul 2020    Iraq

Dohuk/Berlin, July 9, 2020. With more than 62,000 infections and over 2,500 related deaths[i], Covid-19 is pushing vulnerable communities in Iraq on the brink of survival. Highly vulnerable communities, including 1.4 million internally displaced people, are most at risk, warns CARE International.

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Syria: Aid agencies raise alarm over veto on cross-border aid

 9th Jul 2020    Syria

In a joint statement, the International Rescue Committee, World Vision International, Humanity and Inclusion, Norwegian Refugee Council, Mercy Corps, People in Need and CARE International raise the alarm over the veto on cross-border aid into Syria:

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