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New CARE Report Calls for Urgent Gender-Transformative Response to Climate Displacement

 7th Jul 2020    None

Today the international aid organization CARE launched a new report highlighting the causes and consequences of climate-induced displacement and the urgent need for a gender-transformative response. The report, Evicted by Climate Change: Confronting the Gendered Impacts of Climate-Induced Displacement highlights the urgent need for more women’s leadership and greater financial ...

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Syria crisis: Hunger spreading amid Covid and economic collapse

 29th Jun 2020    Syria

International agencies call for Brussels Conference to address fall-out from the pandemic

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Open Letter to the United Nations Security Council on the Syria cross-border resolution

 23rd Jun 2020    Syria

The United Nations Security Council has until July 10 to renew the Syria cross-border resolution, which ensures lifesaving UN aid reaches over four million Syrians living in areas outside of the Government of Syria’s control.

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Existing funding to biggest regional refugee crises represents only 1% of global spend on weapons

 19th Jun 2020    None

World Refugee 2020 sees funding for refugee response plans at an all-time low. Despite the added threat of COVID-19 across all refugee hosting countries, international financial support is significantly lower than this time last year.

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Eight international non-governmental organisations working in Yemen strongly condemn the reprehensible attack that took place yesterday in the north of Yemen, killing 13 civilians – including four children.

 17th Jun 2020    Yemen

The attack on 13 civilians happened the same day as the publication of the UN’s Children and Armed Conflict report, which saw the Saudi Arabia and UAE-led coalition removed from the report’s blacklist for the first time in three years. This is despite the fact that, according to the report, ...

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Most Countries Fail to Include Women in Their COVID-19 Response Teams & Plans

 9th Jun 2020    Many

Canada Leads the Pack in Gendered Response, Brazil Ranks the Worst

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Yemen receives an unsatisfactory 1.35 billion USD in pledges – water, sanitation and hygiene are the highest priorities amidst COVID-19 crisis, says CARE

 3rd Jun 2020    Yemen

The high level pledging conference on Yemen has come to a close, with funding pledges for the UN’s Humanitarian Response Plan disappointingly low. As countries pledge an estimated 1.35 billion USD in funding – just over half (56 percent) of the 2.41 billion requested in order to reach 19 million ...

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CARE International and UN Women advocate for rapid gender analysis in crisis response to reduce inequality in LAC

 3rd Jun 2020    Many

Women and girls across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are facing a terrifying mix of, increased domestic violence, increased care burden, lower access to income and jobs, and potential social unrest as a result of the coronavirus outbreaks finds a new CARE International and UN Women joint report.

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Over five million Yemenis at risk of losing access to food and clean water as coronavirus spreads in Yemen

 2nd Jun 2020    Yemen

Survey* conducted in Yemen reveals impact of funding shortfalls as Pledging conference is held today. Recent funding gaps and other challenges in Yemen will put an additional estimated 5.5 million people in the war-torn country at risk of losing access to life-saving aid, such as food, cash and clean water ...

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2020 Hurricanes season threatens to crash down on most vulnerable already reeling from COVID-19

 29th May 2020    Many

A climate change exacerbated hurricane season may cause massive human suffering if preparedness activities are not stepped up, warns CARE. Hurricane season in the Caribbean is due to start on June 1st, and this year could be more deadly than ever.

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