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Closure of Sana’a airport: 1 year of aggravated suffering

 9th Aug 2017    Yemen

INGOs call on all actors to lift restrictions on Yemeni airspace and the reopening of the country’s main airport

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Press Statement by CI Secretary General Wolfgang Jamann's given in Sana’a, Yemen

 27th Jul 2017    Yemen

CI's Secretary General visited Yemen last week, where he delivered a statement highlighting the triple threat Yemeni families face today.

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Lack of handover plans for the response in Greece puts asylum seekers at risk, NGOs warn

 12th Jul 2017    Greece

Joint statement on the transition of management of all aspects of service provision for asylum seekers in Greece

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CARE’s new emergency partner allows for new emergency relief activities in DR Congo and Iraq

 6th Jul 2017    Many

CARE International has recently received a grant from our new emergency partner, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan).

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Somalia’s hunger crisis at tipping point with country on brink of cholera outbreak

 3rd Jul 2017    Somalia

Deteriorating drought, hunger and hygiene conditions in Somalia have put the health of 6.7 million people at risk

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RELEASE OF REPORT: Unequal G20 must act on climate change and lead for a safer future, says CARE

 26th Jun 2017    Global

A new report released today by CARE International provides recommendations on mitigating climate change.

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South Sudan: Highest number of people facing food gaps ever recorded

 21st Jun 2017    South Sudan

South Sudan is experiencing the most alarming levels of food insecurity in its history.

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New CARE study: Syrian refugees, cash-strapped and without work, struggle in seventh year of crisis

 20th Jun 2017    Syria

CARE International releases “Seven Years into Exile: The challenges and coping strategies of urban Syrian refugees in Jordan and their host communities”

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Iraq: Humanitarian Needs Greater Than Ever As Temperatures Rise

 19th Jun 2017    Iraq

As temperatures rise up to 50 degrees Celsius this Summer, emergency relief is urgently needed.

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South Sudanese Women and Girls Arriving in Uganda Traumatized from Sexual Violence

 12th Jun 2017    Many

Alarming health and safety risks for refugee women and girls fleeing South Sudan; urgent assistance needed

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