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Statement from CARE International

 21st Feb 2018    None

CARE International works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. Because of our mission and our focus on women and girls, we are deeply committed to building a world where violence, harassment and abuse against anyone is not tolerated.

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One year on from famine declaration, more South Sudanese are going hungry

 20th Feb 2018    South Sudan

Aid flow drastically reduces despite increasing humanitarian needs

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CARE’s partners halt aid distribution in Eastern Ghouta due to heavy airstrikes

 20th Feb 2018    Syria

“The situation in Eastern Ghouta is more critical than ever"

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Bangladesh: Six months after the refugee influx from Myanmar

 19th Feb 2018    Bangladesh

Six months after more than 688,000 refugees from Myanmar fled from mass violence to neighboring Bangladesh

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"We must all come together so women and girls can live a life free from violence"

 15th Feb 2018    None

CARE works hard to empower women, engage men and boys to promote gender equality, and prevent gender based violence. We have powerful programmes and advocacy campaigns to advance these causes all over the world.

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Refugee influx into Uganda worrying, warns CARE International

 14th Feb 2018    Many

The majority of women fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo into Uganda have experienced or witnessed gender-based violence and the bodies of dead refugee are being thrown into Lake Albert, putting millions at risk of disease.

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CARE International on Iraq Donor Conference: "Pledges need to secure peace and reconstruction"

 12th Feb 2018    Iraq

11 million people in need of humanitarian assistance / More financial support urgently needed

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Cyclone Gita intensifying near Tonga, CARE on standby to respond

 12th Feb 2018    Fiji

Cyclone Gita is intensifying to a possible category five storm as Tonga braces for the worst tropical cyclone.

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Civilians under fire in two of Syria’s ‘de-escalation zones’ living in inhumane conditions, warns CARE

 9th Feb 2018    Syria

Syrians tell about life with little food, water, and medicine and call for an immediate ceasefire

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Armed conflict, sexual violence, torched homes and extrajudicial killings trigger more than 14,000 refugees to flee DRC in six weeks, says care international

 7th Feb 2018    Many

More than 14,000 refugees, the large majority women and children, have fled the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Uganda since December 18th 2017, following increased conflict. CARE International staff who conducted a rapid assessment last week explain that while initially more women sought refuge in Uganda, more men have ...

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