Two workers with CARE partner PAH provide food and water to Ukrainian refugees entering the Poland border.
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CARE started work in: 2022

Poland ranks 35 out of 189 on the Human Development Index (HDI). CARE International works in Poland with national partners as part of our response to the Ukraine conflict in 2022.

What CARE International does in Poland 

CARE International has worked in Poland since 2022 in response to rapidly escalating humanitarian needs due to the conflict with Ukraine and Russia when millions of Ukrainians fled into neighboring countries like Poland, Romania, and Moldova to escape conflict.  

CARE International is responding regionally to support internally displaced people in Ukraine and refugees and host communities in neighboring countries.  

CARE International is working through partners in Poland, Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine. CARE International and our partners are providing immediate relief and aid in the form of food, shelter, blankets, diapers and hygiene products as well as food, water, cash, and psychosocial support.  

In Poland CARE is working with partners Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) and Polish Humanitarian Aid (PAH) and coordinating with local authorities with immediate cash assistance, as well as gender-based violence assistance and psychosocial support to those arriving and staying in temporary shelters. CARE partners are focused particularly on assisting Ukrainians who have no refugee status and do not qualify for government aid in the country.    

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