CARE Poland: Improving the delivery of quality medical services for IPV and sexual violence survivors

In May 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a Polish translation of the Handbook of the clinical management of rape guidelines, outlining specific procedures and protocols for specialists working with people who have experienced sexual violence.The WHO Handbook aims to improve the quality of health services for survivors of various forms of sexual and intimate partner violence in Poland, including refugee women and girls from Ukraine.

To complement these tools, CARE prepared a policy brief with specific recommendations for the central and local governments in order to encourage authorities to implement and disseminate the WHO guidelines into the national system.  

This brief provides an overview of the standards of care for survivors of sexual violence in Poland. It highlights the lack of Clinical Management of Rape (CMR) guidelines and protocols in the public health care system. It aims to support the clinical manual with two sets of guidelines and tools, including a training package and a quality assurance tool, to promote the implementation of CMR interventions.

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