In the Shadows. Ukrainian Domestic Workers in Poland

"In the Shadows. Ukrainian Domestic Workers in Poland," a study conducted by CARE International in Poland and the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE), found that the lack of adequate regulations and solutions for the domestic work sector in Poland results in an informal system where workers are often exploited, and their rights are violated.

Barriers to protecting the rights of migrant and refugee domestic workers in Poland include the social perception of domestic work as undervalued "women's work," the imbalance between the private and public nature of the employer-employee relationship, the lack of legal protection, and the lack of knowledge of rights and responsibilities among workers and employers. 

Proposed solutions include increased monitoring of the sector by public authorities to ensure the protection of workers' rights, simplification of procedures for hiring in the domestic sector, and increased cooperation among stakeholders.

During this study, CARE International in Poland collaborated with the Labor Union of Domestic Workers within the Workers’ Initiative, an organization established in 2021 that represents Ukrainian domestic workers in Poland.

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