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Thousands of critically ill patients stranded with Sana’a airport closure

 5th Aug 2021    Yemen

Sana’a’s airport closure for the fifth consecutive year has left stranded at least 32,000 critically ill Yemeni patients in need of life-saving treatment abroad since the first and last medical flights in February last year.

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CARE opens 40-bed isolation centre for Rohingya refugees as COVID cases surge in Bangladesh

 30th Jul 2021    Bangladesh

CARE is opening a 40-bed COVID isolation centre in a Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh on 1 August 2021. With the country currently in the grip of its most severe COVID surge since the pandemic began, and monsoon flooding forcing many Rohingya refugees to shelter in communal facilities, ...

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As severe flooding devastates Cox's Bazar, 32 humanitarian agencies call for urgent funding in Bangladesh

 29th Jul 2021    Myanmar

CARE has joined 31 other humanitarian organisations for this joint statement on the severe flooding in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

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One Year After Beirut Explosion and Lebanon Faces Economic Implosion

 29th Jul 2021    Lebanon

One year after the Beirut blast, Lebanon continues to sink into poverty and its capital has still not been fully rebuilt despite support provided by the international community. Supermarket shelves across the country are empty, and where groceries are available, the cost of food has soared by 700% over the ...

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CARE deeply concerned for women and other vulnerable groups as Myanmar’s crisis intensifies

 27th Jul 2021    Myanmar

In the six months since the military seized power on February 1, Myanmar’s humanitarian situation has deteriorated rapidly, with a staggering three million people in need of humanitarian assistance, an additional two million since February.

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10 years after Somalia famine, country is once again on the brink of crisis with women and girls hardest hit

 20th Jul 2021    Somalia

As Somalia commemorates 10 years since the last devastating famine in 2011, a new CARE survey of over 2,000 people in the country finds that women and girls still remain amongst those most affected.

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Lebanon: Food, medicine, electricity "we lack everything" say CARE teams

 16th Jul 2021    Lebanon

As Lebanon spirals into economic freefall and political crisis with the resignation of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri it is the everyday people who are suffering.

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CARE concerned for vulnerable groups in Myanmar as COVID crisis deepens

 13th Jul 2021    Myanmar

CARE is deeply concerned about the impact of Myanmar’s deteriorating COVID situation on vulnerable communities.

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Statement on Syria Cross-Border Resolution Vote from Secretary General of CARE International, Sofia Sprechmann Sineiro

 9th Jul 2021    Syria

9 July 2021 – CARE International is relieved by the United Nations Security Council vote today to maintain humanitarian assistance for more than four million Syrians in the Northwest of the country through the Bab al-Hawa crossing for effectively another 12 months. Cross-border assistance is vital to ensure some 80% ...

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As South Sudan turns 10 amidst the worst humanitarian situation in its short history, women and girls offer a path to a brighter future if they are properly supported, says CARE

 8th Jul 2021    South Sudan

As South Sudan celebrates its 10th year of Independence the country faces its worst humanitarian context since the birth of the nation in 2011. Despite the huge challenges, there are areas of hope in the form of efforts and initiatives by local women’s organizations.

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