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Indonesia teetering on the brink as COVID crisis intensifies – CARE staff in Jakarta report

 7th Jul 2021    Indonesia

CARE is deeply concerned about the intensifying COVID-19 crisis in Indonesia and the impact on vulnerable community members, including women and children.

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A devastating impact on 1.7 million Syrian children if UN Security Council fails to authorize resolution on humanitarian aid to northern Syria: No Lost Generation Initiative

 2nd Jul 2021    Many

We call on the United Nations Security Council to authorise and expand for 12 months the delivery of cross-border humanitarian aid to northern Syria.

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CARE Commits $130M to Work Towards SDG5: Gender Equality at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris

 30th Jun 2021    France

10 Million women and girls will be supported through Village Savings and Loans Savings Groups as part of a global strategy to transform gender dynamics and achieve gender equality

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Open Letter to United Nations Security Council Ambassadors

 23rd Jun 2021    Syria

The United Nations Security Council has until July 10 to renew the Syria cross-border resolution, which ensures life-saving UN aid reaches millions of Syrians in need. NGO leaders are calling on the Security Council to renew the resolution for a period of 12 months and guarantee UN cross-border access to ...

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NWS NGO Forum Statement on the attack on Al-Shifaa Hospital in Northwest Syria

 15th Jun 2021    Syria

On June 12, 2021, Al-Shifaa Pediatrics and Maternity Hospital in Afrin, Northwest Syria, one of the largest medical facilities in northern Syria, was hit by missiles.

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Over 1 million people at risk of hunger in Syria if cross-border aid resolution not renewed, say aid groups

 10th Jun 2021    Syria

Thursday, 10 June 2021 - Aid agencies are warning of a looming humanitarian catastrophe if the UN Security Council fails to renew a resolution allowing lifesaving aid delivered cross-border to reach Syria. The resolution is set to expire in exactly a month’s time on July 10th.

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CARE Palestine West Bank and Gaza: $10 million urgently needed to save lives, including over $2 million for immediate medical needs

 21st May 2021    Palestine (West Bank/Gaza)

Amman, Jordan, 21 May 2021 – As the conflict in Gaza continues and the death toll rises, CARE is seeking US$ 10 million, including $US 2.3 million to support Gazans in need of immediate medical support.

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Nearly 7 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo are now one step away from famine

 21st May 2021    Democratic Republic of Congo

As the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) conflict enters its 20th year, CARE warns that if immediate funding and support is not provided, millions could face starvation.

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Peru fights back COVID-19 but deaths and contagious remain at highest levels in the region

 21st May 2021    Peru

Peru is the Latin American country with the hightest rate of deaths per million people[i]. Since the begining of the pandemic more than 1.800 million got infected and more than 64 thousend people had died because of COVID 19 according to Health Minister data[ii]. The health system colapsed during wave ...

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Counting the costs: Cyclone Amphan one year on

 20th May 2021    Bangladesh

On May 20, 2020, devastating Cyclone Amphan made landfall on Jammu island near West Bengal, Bangladesh, with wind speeds of approximately 140 km/hour.

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