CARE Somalia Rapid Gender Analysis September 2021

 27th Sep 2021    English

CARESOM RAPID GENDER ANALYSIS AUGUST 2021 Author Martin Busingye1 Hassan Ibrahim2 ,– CARE INTERNATIONAL Acknowledgements This RGA has benefitted ...


WEJ Impact Area Strategy Summary

 24th Sep 2021    English

WOMEN’S ECONOMIC JUSTICE © 2021 CARE © Prtic /CARE © CARE © Jorja Currington/CARE © CARE Netherlands © Chandra Prasad ...


COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake A study of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Marginalized Communities in Iraq Summary

 30th Aug 2021    English

CARE Iraq | August 2021 Fast & Fair Vaccines COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Iraq As of August 12, Iraq had ...


CARE SDG Report - French

 2nd Aug 2021    French

Lorsque nous avons élaboré la stratégie programmatique 2020 de CARE, aligner notre système de mesure sur les Objectifs de développement ...


CARE SDG Report - Spanish

 28th Jul 2021    Spanish

Cuando CARE desarrolló nuestra Estrategia Programática 2020,alinearnuestrosistemademediciónconlosObjetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), parecía una opción obvia; como los ODS representan un ...


CARE Vision 2030

 27th Jul 2021    English

CARE 2030 Vision: Harnessing collective power to fight poverty, and achieve social justice Since the 1980’s, when just over 40% ...


CARE and the SDGS: Impact and Learning Analysis 2015-2020

 2nd Jul 2021    English

When CARE developed our 2020 Program Strategy, aligning our measurement system with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seemed an obvious ...


Our Best Shot: Women Frontline Health Workers in other countries are keeping you safe from COVID-19

 25th Mar 2021    English

Fully realizing the social and economic benefits of halting COVID-19 requires investing in a fast and fair global rollout of ...


“If We Don’t Work, We Don’t Eat”: Syrian Women Face Mounting Food Insecurity a Decade Into Conflict.

 24th Feb 2021    English

‘ IF WE DON’T WORK, WE DON’T EAT’ Syrian Women Face Mounting Food Insecurity a Decade into the Conflict March ...


Climate Adaptation Finance – Fact or Fiction?

 21st Jan 2021    English

In 2009, developed countries made a commitment to support climate activities in developing countries. They promised to mobilise climate finance ...


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