Women on the Move Fact Sheet

 26th Oct 2017    English

Women and girls in West Africa face some of the highest rates of gender inequality and financial exclusion in the ...


Myanmar Refugee Crisis Fact Sheet October 2017

 13th Oct 2017    English

Most families only eat 1 meal per day, often just plain rice. There are already signs of severe malnutrition.


Hunger Crisis

 12th Oct 2017    English

20 million people face severe hunger and starvation, 1.4 million children could die from malnutrition


Hurricane Matthew in Haiti One-Year Anniversary Fact Sheet

 4th Oct 2017    English

Quick Facts: Total amount raised, $19.2 million; Total amount spent, $15.9 million: Affected, 2.1 million; In need of humanitarian assistance, ...


Myanmar Refugee Crisis Fact Sheet September 2017

 28th Sep 2017    English

Most families only eat 1 meal per day, often just plain rice. There are signs of severe malnutrition. In some ...


CARE International Annual Report 2016

 19th Sep 2017    English

For over 70 years, dedicated to saving lives and ending poverty


A Day in the Life of Seven Aid Workers

 14th Aug 2017    English

World Humanitarian Day 2017


CARE Nigeria Fact Sheet July 2017

 7th Jul 2017    English

THE SITUATION: The violent conflict that began in Nigeria in 2009 has resulted in a severe crisis in the north ...


How can Humanitarian Organisations Encourage More Women in Surge?

 27th Jun 2017    English

It’s very important for women to play a leadership role during emergencies. This can prevent serious violations like violence against ...


CARE G20 and Climate Change Fact Sheet

 26th Jun 2017    English

Time to lead for a safer future: Climate impacts have already hit G20 countries, and analyses show they are not ...


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