Ukrainian students receiving school kits in Germany

Assistance for Ukrainian refugees in Germany: Back-to-School Packages for school age students

After a successful pilot phase of the back-to-school packages in North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin, the aid organization CARE is now expanding their assistance to Ukrainian refugees thanks to funding from the Deutsche Bank Foundation, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and support from the school backpack manufacturer Satch inside Germany. Schools and educational institutions in all federal states can now order school start packages for refugee children and young people via the CARE Germany website.

"The back-to-school packages are a great initiative, they help the children settle in better and use their free time creatively," explains Sabine Kreutzer, headmistress of the Marie-Kahle-School in Bonn. "The packages contain things that often cannot be packed when fleeing quickly, but are essential to students."

With the back-to-schoolpackages, CARE, together with its partners, supports children and young people in high school and primary school. The packages consist, among other things, of a backpack, exercise books and, depending on the age group, a pocket calculator and compass or a coloring book and brushes.

The need for support remains immense: since the conflict intensified in Ukraine, Germany has taken in around 780,000 Ukrainian refugees, around 40 percent of whom are of school age. In the first few weeks of the back-to-schoolpackage campaign, almost 2,000 packages were ordered, most of which were ordered by institutions in cities such as Bonn and Berlin.

“Our children were very happy when they received the wonderful gifts. I would like to thank everyone who helps Ukrainian families,” says Oksana K., mother of a Ukrainian student who received one of the back-to-school packages at the Marie-Kahle-School in Bonn.