Impact stories

Read stories showcasing the human impact of CARE's work around the world.


Looking for Peace in Nanabaria

Roboussin Florence fled the conflicts in the Central African Republic to seek safety in Nanabaria, in southern Chad. She tells us the story of what life used to be for her family: a life of farming, fishing, and stability. She also tells us what life in…


Fatimé, revisited.

I can hardly believe my own eyes, sitting on a straw mat in the shade of a mango tree in Southern Chad. I have been here before, two years ago, when tens of thousands of refugees from the Central African Republic fled violence after a political coup in…


CHAD Aziza Aims for the Runway

„I went out to get bread because we were running out of food. My family stayed in the house where we had been hiding from the violence around us.“ Aziza’s 17-year-old face shows no sign of emotion at first when she recounts the day that changed her life…


CHAD A Boarding Pass to Ehem

„Where are you going?“ My friend’s face turns into a question mark when I tell him about my planned work travel for CARE. “To Chad”, I repeat. Silence. Then: „And what is going on there?“


CHAD We cannot forget Chad

Blog by Carmen Tremblay, Senior Emergency Response Manager for CARE Canada. She travelled to Chad in April to support CARE’s emergency response to increasing humanitarian needs in the country.