Impact stories

Read stories showcasing the human impact of CARE's work around the world.


Idrissa Sawadogo

Idrissa Sawadogo, 41, is a father of eight children and married to two women. He is from Arbinda and was a very successful business. Indeed, he was the proud owner of a petrol station that earned him between 500,000 FCFA ($ 856.26) and 750,000 FCFA ($…


Maimounata Sawadogo

Maimounata Sawadogo is a 33-year-old woman and mother of 2 children, Zoubeirou Sawadogo (4 years old) and Halimata Saadia (1 year 7 months old). She is married to Abdoulwahab Sawadogo, 56 years old.


Camp of Barsalgho

This camp was set up following the various displacements due to the insecurity since the end of 2018-beginning of 2019. The camp shelters 1388 people, all of Fulani ethnic group. More than half are children (between 700 and 800) aged 0 to 18, then come…