Why does CARE International collect and report impact data?

Every year, CARE International collects and reports relevant information about our work through the Project and Program Information and Impact Reporting System (PIIRS).

CARE International's commitment to sharing impact data

Every year, the annual data collection and reporting process - made through the Project and Program Information and Impact Reporting System (PIIRS) - is central to guarantee our ability to communicate the reach of CARE's work around the world in one Fiscal Year (FY), as well as to continue demonstrating CARE's contribution to lasting change and progress toward our commitments in the CARE Vision 2030 strategy.

This annual data collection and reporting process involves many parts of the organization and is a key piece of CARE's organizational accountability to a variety of stakeholders: partners, participants, donors, our own internal teams and offices, and more.

What is PIIRS, how does it connect to CARE International's overall evidencing system?

PIIRS is a CARE International-wide single platform for collecting, accessing, and reporting relevant information about our work. It holds annual data on the reach and impact of CARE’s projects and initiatives around the world since FY12, which allows us to:

  • Inform the public, donors, staff, and others, on the breadth and depth of CARE’s work
  • Allow CARE staff to obtain and summarize data, for multiple uses inside and outside the organization
  • Motivate the improvement of quality in our information and our Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) practices, globally
  • Assess progress against the priorities and commitments of the CARE 2030 Vision

Over 1,000 members of CARE worldwide enter PIIRS data each year. 

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