Let's sell peanut oil

Written by Rakietou Hassane Mossi, Media and Communications/ Resource Mobilization Officer, CARE Niger

Today, Friday, November 15, 2019, I attended a workshop connecting Mata Masu Dubara (MMD) or Women on the Move’s companies and the private sector in Zinder, organized by CARE and its implementing partner, Actions in Favor of the Vulnerables (AFV).

Despite the fresh air of the harmattan, the air conditioners were in full swing in the meeting room of the Chamber of Commerce. It was 8:30, but all the women, from near and far, are talking, laughing with each other while taking their seats and waiting anxiously for the launch of the activity.

After the officials' speech, we rushed to the courtyard overlooking the Chamber of Commerce. How great was our surprise when we discovered a display of local products made by these same women!

The officials exchanged with them to understand the production mechanism and encouraged them to continue this momentum.

There was a discussion about nutrition and the benefits of peanut oil. It has been demonstrated in trade that peanut oil, in addition to enhancing the taste of dishes, has an exceptional nutritional value. By consuming it, we can even reduce the sugar level of diabetics.

One supplier complained about the quality of the oil he exports from Malaysia, which is about 3 containers per month. He says he is ready to get supplies from the MMD women if they are ready to meet his demand.

The restaurant owners have made extraordinary comparisons on the use of peanut oil: for cooking with 3.5 liters of any oil, only 2 liters of peanut oil will be needed for the same cooking. They make a lot more money using peanut oil. The testimonies sprang from all sides. All these discussions led me to get 12 liters of peanut oil to take home with me.

The afternoon was devoted to connecting restaurant owners, small traders and resellers. This exercise made it possible to make purchase commitments, to discuss selling prices and the distribution of the product, not forgetting the periodicity and the quantity to be delivered.

It was a day rich in information. I cannot wait to see where this initiative will take place, how these ingenious women will continue the negotiations. I also wonder if CARE could give them marketing and networking lessons to grow their businesses. My concern is if in the long run they will be able to satisfy the demand, otherwise how could we put all the federations together to satisfy the national demand.

The women were able to conclude a partnership with a wholesaler who will buy, initially and as a test, 200 cans of 4 liters, or 800 liters, every two weeks at the rate of 4250FCFA (7.23USD) the can, creating an income of 850.000FCFA (1,445.6USD) per fortnight or 1,700,000FCFA (2,891.2USD) per month.

Tomorrow is another day with a meeting between our entrepreneurs and peanut suppliers. I'm sure they will sell their product successfully as they dazzled everyone today.