I can hear from my heart!

By CARE International in Pakistan

Aisha is an 18 year-old resident of a village in Pakistan called Aghal, Matta Swat. She has has a hearing problem since her childhood.
With all her difficulties, she completed her primary school but could not get admission to middle school as there is no such existence of middle school in nearby areas.
There was only one school for special children which was 45 km away from her village. Her father talked to a private school, but they refused to give her admission because of her hearing problem. 

Aisha was out of school for two years until Accellerated Learning Program (ALP) classes started at GGPS Aghal. During the enrollment campaign Aisha and her family were approached, but her parents were hesitant to admit her to an ALP class. Their main concern was that she might not be able to cope with studies after her gap from school. But, Aisha was determined and looking for an opportunity to complete her education.
Aisha was given special attention and was encouraged to take part in the co-curricular activities. She passed her grade-6 and then grade-7 with a good percentage. Now she is regularly attending grade-8 classes. Her writing has improved and she is feeling confident and happy in the school and dreaming for her bright future.

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