10 Stories of Strength and Hope in 2020

1. Malak’s story: A hero in the fight against coronavirus

Malak is only 12 years old. Her country, Yemen, has been devastated by civil war, by drought and food shortages, and now by the COVID-19 pandemic. CARE community health worker, Samah, taught Malak and others key tips on keeping safe and now Malak teaches her friends in her community. Read her story.


2. This Nurse is Fighting Coronavirus in Sierra Leone

Rosaline, 29, is a nurse in Sierra Leone. CARE is a partner of the Kakoya health facility in Koinadugu district where she works. She was a volunteer community health worker with CARE when she was younger. She used her monthly stipend to put herself through nursing school. Rosaline was a front-line worker during the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and 2015. Today, she is playing a key role in her community’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Read her story.


3. How a Women’s Savings Group in Niger Came Together to Supply More than 10,000 Masks

After their jobs disappeared due to coronavirus, savings group president Aïchatou Cheitou helped focus the group on mask and soap production and started a mutual aid program to ensure families in her community had enough to eat. Read her story.


4. 18-year-old activist starts the first anti-rape demonstration in her city in Nepal

18-year-old activist, Pooja Teli, started the first anti-rape demonstration in her town in #Nepal. She was the only girl in her village allowed to continue her education & now advocates for other girls! Read her story.


5. Difficulties of living in a refugee camp are intensified for those who live with disabilities

17-year-old Zokiya shares her experiences of fleeing violence in Myanmar and confronting challenges like accessibility and discrimination at her new home in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Read her story.


6. Searching for Safe Spaces: Creating Online Communities for Youth under Lockdown in the Balkans

In one day, 18-year-old Rubin went from hanging out with his friends at high school, to learning mathematics at home under lockdown in Albania. But within days, CARE Balkans and their partners mobilized and innovated new activities for young people, including Zoom group calls, yoga sessions, live lectures with psychologists, Instagram contests, mobile counselling and even a new Youth Podcast. Read their story.


7. One Family’s Close Call During Beirut’s Deadly Explosions Motivated Them to Help Rebuild

A father, daughter and dozens of others from their nearby town drive in daily offering food and other support. Farouk Darwish, 52, survived the blast by miracle.  On Tues., Aug. 4, at 6 p.m., he was in a downtown Beirut parking lot facing the port. Farouk lives in Chekka, a coastal town north of Beirut. He’d come to the city for a meeting and brought along his wife and daughter. Read their story. 

8. A Story of Heartbreak and Hope Amid Coronavirus in Ecuador

Financial assistance from CARE helped these former restaurant owners in Ecuador start a new food business and find some stability in an uncertain time. Andy has diabetes, which increases the risk of coronavirus. As a transgender man, Andy is particularly vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, LGBTQ+ people regularly experience stigma and discrimination while seeking health services, leading to disparities in access, quality and availability of healthcare, according to UNHCR. Read their story.

9. Five Inspiring Leaders Dismantling Patriarchy and Building Up Women and Girls in Kenya

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sharp increase in gender-based violence (GBV) in many parts of the world. CARE is working with local women’s organisations in Kenya’s informal settlements to address GBV and protect survivors. Read their stories

10. Jordan: Syrian advocate uses animation to raise awareness on early marriage and gender-based violence

Nabila, a 24-year-old Syrian refugee, has been living in Amman with her family of six after fleeing Damascus in 2012. After studying business administration, Nabila kept engaging with her community all along and worked on building her skills through different trainings to be able to advance discussions on gender-based violence and sexual and maternal health in her community. Read her story.