Jammal Mawa

Her Voice - Listening to Women in Action

The best way to understand what is happening to crisis affected populations—especially for people who often do not get a chance to inform the global conversation— is to listen to their voices and experiences. Since 2020, 28,173 women in 22 countries have shared their stories, needs, and experiences of leadership with CARE.

This report represents 6,299 respondents (4,610 women) from nine countries* – Afghanistan, Burundi, Cambodia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iraq, Niger, Nigeria, and Uganda. The data includes survey findings from nine quantitative surveys and insights from 26 RGAs and assessments in 2022, providing insights into the gendered power dynamics and experiences of women and men, boys and girls in conflict, natural disasters, and other crises.

The data collection focused on various crises and included responses from individuals, households, factory workers, refugees, and IDPs. The quantitative data shows the main challenges people face in their communities, their priority needs, and their actions and coping mechanisms. Insights from Sudan, Mozambique, Guatemala, northwest and northeast Syria, Jordan, and Ukraine (including Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, Romania, and Poland) are reflected in this brief, along with various case studies and conversations with women from Ghana, Sierra Leone, and other countries.

This brief builds on our previous She Told Us So reports from 2020 and 2022 and reflect on findings from quantitative and qualitative data from RGAs conducted between January to December 2022.

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