Global Advocacy Roadmap 2022-2023

This roadmap lays out CARE International's strategy for achieving impact at scale through advocacy.

What will we achieve?

The roadmap sets out how we will achieve our Vision 2030 goals through advocacy over the next two years. Gender equality is at the center of all we do, so our advocacy focuses on tackling deeply entrenched inequalities which impact marginalized communities, particularly women and girls. Enabling women and girls to be heard is core to our vision. Protracted humanitarian crises, the climate emergency, and COVID-19 have only exacerbated gender inequality and thus made our focus on women and girls even more critical. CARE works across humanitarian, development and peace-building contexts to advance social justice and promote human rights for people of all genders.

Through this roadmap CARE will work collectively, focusing resources across our impact
areas to:

  • Advance voice, leadership & support for women and girls in all their diversity, particularly in crisis
  • Build forward for a gender-just COVID-19 response and recovery
  • Embed gender-responsive advocacy throughout our programming

We want women and girls in all their diversity to lead, and for policies and systems to be gender transformative.

How will we scale our impact?

We will be guided by our Theory of Change – the Gender Equality Framework – and work to transform structures, shift policies and disrupt patriarchal systems to enable gender transformative change. CARE partners with marginalized communities, women, and girls to influence change that positively impacts their lives, responding to their priorities. Advocacy complements and multiplies the impact of direct programming and integrates well with other pathways to scale at CARE, especially systems strengthening and social movements. It is a proven and effective approach so we are utilizing our most effective tools to scale and deepen our reach and impact.

We advocate because it changes systems and structures to be more inclusive, scaling our impact.

Who will contribute to this change?

We will draw on our strengths as a diverse confederation:

  • Our local, national, regional, and global connections
  • Our long-standing relationships with communities affected by poverty, social injustice, and humanitarian crisis
  • The partnerships we have built – with activists, groups, organizations, networks and movements active at various levels
  • Our 20-year track record of working on gender equality and sector-recognized programmatic models and tools

All have an essential role in realizing our shared vision for social justice. As a collective we are stronger. We will cede space to grassroots actors and women’s groups in particular and seek to complement and support rather than duplicate or compete with other actors. We are well-positioned to act as a convener and critical friend to very diverse stakeholders (e.g. governments, multi-laterals, private sector, civil society, social movements) to catalyze, hasten, and scale change.

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