CARE's Commitments for Generation Equality Forum

As a leader in the Generation Equality Forum (GEF), CARE is making bold commitments to invest $100 million in supporting 10 million women and girls as leaders through savings and solidarity groups.

CARE will also invest an additional $30 million in humanitarian funding to organizations women and girls lead and that focus on women’s and girls’ rights. We are convinced that is the best way the world can deliver on our commitment to achieve gender equality by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe in the transformative power of women’s leadership. Nearly 20 million members of savings groups around the world—including 10 million in partnership with CARE—have demonstrated their resilience in COVID-19, leading COVID-19 health responses, supporting their families, keeping economies running, and showing solidarity by supporting their communities. Respecting, supporting, and resourcing women and girls as key leaders for the present and future, and treating them as the powerful social and economic actors they are is the only path to a just, inclusive and sustainable future.

Not only is CARE committing our own resources, but we are also committing to work in partnership with others and change the broader system. We aim to work with 10 African governments to scale-up savings and solidarity groups. We are also advocating for the humanitarian and development sectors at large—and ourselves—to confront injustice, racism, and colonialism. We are pushing for bigger, more consistent, and more flexible funding commitments to women- and girl-led groups so they have equal and meaningful leadership roles in emergency responses and COVID recovery efforts.

These commitments will put at least 10 million women and girls at the center of making their own decisions and leading long-term development and humanitarian responses with their own solutions. They will put resources, power, and support in the hands of the people who are closest to the problem and can best lead global change.

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