Ylva Seiff Berge

CARE International Impact, Accountability & Learning Report 2021

In FY2021, CARE and partners reached 100.2 million people with 1,495 projects and initiatives across 102 countries.

In line with our CARE Vision 2030 to support 200 million people from the most vulnerable and excluded communities to overcome poverty and social injustice by 2030, 2021 also saw ambitious strategic commitments across CARE to increase the scale, quality, impact and inclusivity of our global programming work.

Since 2015, CARE has been tracking impact metrics in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2021, CARE shifted to 30 impact indicators for CARE’s Vision 2030, still aligned with the SDGs. The SDGs represent a collective, global commitment to a transformed world.

It is only right that an organization like CARE also be accountable to demonstrating how its work contributes to these shared goals toward this collective vision. Between 2015 and 2021 CARE and our partners have contributed to global change for 161 million people in 83 countries.

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