Cairo Compact

In December 2018, the CEOs and Country Directors plus one senior staff from 9 CARE offices came together to exchange ideas, learn from one another and strategize for the future. Participants included 3 CARE International Members (Raks Thai, CARE Peru, CARE India), 1 Affiliate (Chrysalis), 2 Candidates (CARE Egypt and CARE Morocco), and 3 Country Offices currently developing business plans to become or set up independent national organizations (CARE Bangladesh, CARE Caucasus, and CARE Ecuador), with invited CI Secretariat staff to support facilitation.

Our meeting embodied energy, optimism, and ambition for the future of CARE, and also the strong momentum of transformation within CARE today.

We developed this compact to communicate who we are and what we believe, reflect our commitments to each other and to CARE International, and make recommendations for broader organizational change by all parts of CARE.