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CARE started work in: 2016

Greece ranks 32 out of 189 on the Human Development Index (HDI). CARE International started assisting refugees stranded in Greece in 2016 and continues to work with national partners and networks.

History of CARE International's work in Greece

From 2016 to March 2018, CARE International started assisting refugees stranded in Greece following the influx of refugees to Europe. CARE International and partner organizations supported those stranded in Greece by providing financial assistance, legal and psychosocial support, specialized accommodation for displaced women and young men, as well as support with translation and bureaucratic processes.

As CARE International was phasing out from Greece, we made all efforts to ensure the continuation of the services we have been offering by handing over these projects to organizations in Greece, most of whom were partnering with the UN Refugee Agency

Today, our work in Greece is mainly through national partners and networks with whom we continue to monitor the situation for refugees in Greece.

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Transitioning to a government-run refugee and migrant response in Greece

Two years on from the peak of the “refugee crisis” in Greece, the Greek state is beginning to take over management and financing of aspects of the reception and integration system, and many international nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) that came to assist with the -then- humanitarian emergency are downsizing or preparing to exit the country entirely. At this turning point, the 14 undersigned NGOs believe it is critical to reflect on our field experiences, build on the progress collectively made, and provide recommendations for a smooth transition and a sustainable Greek Government-managed refugee and migrant reception and integration system.