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CARE started work in: 1962

Ecuador ranks 86 out of 189 on the Human Development Index (HDI). CARE International works in Ecuador to address the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice.

History of CARE International's work in Ecuador

CARE International has worked in Ecuador since 1962, and initially sought to improve the standard of living for Ecuador's Indigenous ethnic groups. Projects included expanding access to education by developing bilingual curriculums in Spanish and Quechua, the most widely spoken language among Ecuador's Indigenous peoples. 

CARE Ecuador has also worked to increase market access for farmers in the Amazon basin, and to help women farmers in the Andes adapt to the climate emergency through innovative agricultural techniques.

What CARE International does in Ecuador

CARE Ecuador prioritizes addressing the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice by: 

  • Strengthening gender equality by working with men and boys to transform harmful social norms, especially gender-based violence, and by strengthening women and girls' voices and opportunities for leadership and participation in advocacy
  • Increasing communities' resilience to the climate emergency through disaster risk reduction, community adaptation, and natural resource management 
  • Promoting inclusion and governance by influencing policies and promoting civic and private attitudes and practices at the community, regional, and national level that promote equity and inclusion and improved power relations.
Reach and impact data
Total participants reached in 2023
  • Direct 88,675
  • Women & girls 55%
  • Indirect -
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Total reach
  • Direct reach:
  • Indirect reach:
  • Impact:


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