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CARE started work in: 1999

Benin ranks 158 out of 189 on the Human Development Index (HDI). CARE Benin/Togo is a joint office that responds to both countries and is headquartered in Cotonou, Benin.

What CARE International does in Benin

CARE International established its office in Benin today is focused on strengthening maternal, sexual, and reproductive healthfood security and nutrition.

Through Village Savings and Loan Associations, CARE International works with families in rural communities to increase their access to savings and affordable loans to improve livelihoods. 

CARE International also prioritizes improving the rights of women and girls through increasing access to quality education and working with communities and national organizations to promote behavioral change to combat gender-based violence.

Reach and impact data
Total participants reached in 2023
  • Direct 487,535
  • Women & girls 61%
  • Indirect -
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Total reach
  • Direct reach:
  • Indirect reach:
  • Impact:


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