1st Oct 2012    English

Program Overview CARE began operations in Ghana in 1994 by working to educate mining areas about sexual health and the ...


Family Planning Summit-Top 10 Tips for World Leaders

 24th Sep 2012    English

2.STOPdiscussingwhetheror notfamilyplanningisahuman right.(EVERYONEalreadyagreed itwasinthe 1994CairoProgrammeofAction). 3.Familyplanningisn'tjust aboutcondoms(orthepill,orIUDs). 4....andwomen(andcommunities) mustbeinvolvedindesigningwhatthose choicesshouldbe. 5.Familyplanningleads tohealthier,wealthier andbettereducated families.Familyplanningfightspoverty (supportsprogresstomeetingtheMilleniumDevelopmentGoals!). 6.Peopledon'tstophaving sexduringemergencies. Buttheydoloseaccesstofamilyplanningservices. Makethispartofemergencyresponse.(There'sa checklist:theMinimalInitialServicePackagefor ...


Asia Impact Report 2012

 3rd Sep 2012    English

CARE’s work in the Asia-Pacific region is made possible by the contribution of many donors. We are grateful for their ...


Women's Lives, Women's Voices: Empowering women to ensure family planning coverage, quality and equity

 9th Jul 2012    English

CARE International joins the global call to re-energize and restore progress in family planning. Increased investment, targeted programming and supportive ...


Sustainable development Equity and Resilience for One Planet – One Future CARE at Rio Plus 20

 4th Jun 2012    English

Sustainable development Equity and Resilience for One Planet – One Future CARE at Rio Plus 20 3 Sustainable development One ...


International Womens Day Women Empowerment CARE Report Executive Summary 2012

 18th Mar 2012    English

This idea — that women’s empowerment can have a transformative effect on families and communities — is not new. Every ...


International Womens Day 2012 Issue Paper Executive Summary

 15th Mar 2012    English

Economists and nutrition experts were shocked at the data coming out of SHOUHARDO, a $126 million project designed to fight ...


International Womens Day Women Empowerment CARE Report 2012

 1st Mar 2012    English

Reaching New Heights: The Case for Measuring Women’s Empowerment A poverty-fighting program in Bangladesh helps children grow taller and underscores ...


CARE in Emergencies Newsletter Issue 1

 6th Feb 2012    English

Thi Dieu is 72 years-of-age but she possesses the sharp wit of a curious teenager. She offers her warm smile ...


CARE's Response to Haiti Quake - Two Years Later

 9th Jan 2012    English

1 A Progress Report Haiti Earthquake Emergency Response Fund Haiti Earthquake Emergency Response January 2010 – December 2011 Background The ...


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