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HAITI CARE starts cash for work programme for school cleaning

 6th Oct 2008    Haiti

GONAIVES, HAITI (October 6, 2008) – Cleanup begins today in schools that are still swamped with mud and debris more than a month after floods devastated this city in northwestern Haiti. CARE is launching the effort in partnership with the humanitarian agency CHF International, as part of a larger emergency ...

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SOMALIA Threat to CARE by local militant group puts at risk delivery of aid

 3rd Oct 2008    Somalia

A public threat delivered through a media statement on Thursday October 2nd by the spokesperson of a local militia group is threatening humanitarian operations of one of the largest aid agencies currently operating throughout Somalia.

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ZIMBABWE food crisis looms if donors do not fund WFP appeal

 2nd Oct 2008    Zimbabwe

The UN has said three million people are already reliant on aid, and that figure could rise to five million. CARE is one of WFP’s largest partners in Zimbabwe, and is also a member of the Consortium for Southern African Food Emergency food distribution program funded by USAID Food for ...

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AFGHANISTAN Aid agencies ask UN for support to continue working

 25th Sep 2008    Afghanistan

KABUL (September 25, 2008) – 28 aid workers have been killed in Afghanistan so far this year: twice as many as in 2007. Aid agencies are now directly targeted by armed opposition groups in Afghanistan and access to communities in need is constantly shrinking. In a letter to the UN ...

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HAITI Meeting immediate needs and planning for the next storm

 15th Sep 2008    Haiti

GONAIVES, HAITI (September 15, 2008) – As aid begins to reach survivors of a devastating series of tropical storms, CARE is calling for a longer-term strategy to reduce the impact of the next emergency in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

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CUBA Need for aid increases after IKE

 10th Sep 2008    Cuba

HAVANA, CUBA (September 10, 2008) – Still reeling from the damage caused by Hurricane Gustav, Cubans have been dealt a second severe blow by Hurricane Ike. CARE is intensifying the call for funds to aid beleaguered Cubans.

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HAITI CARE convoy sets out for flood ravaged Gonaives

 5th Sep 2008    Haiti

PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI (September 5, 2008) – As Haiti continues to grapple with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Hanna, CARE is sending reinforcements to its disaster-relief team in the hardest-hit region.

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HAITI CARE bracing for humanitarian emergency following storm

 3rd Sep 2008    Haiti

PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI (September 3, 2008) – The humanitarian situation in parts of Haiti can be expected to deteriorate rapidly after tropical storm Hanna hit the country’s northern coast, CARE warned on Wednesday. Hanna, with winds reaching 70 miles per hour (113 k.p.h) and heavy rains, affected the whole ...

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INDIA Fear of water borne diseases in flood zones

 3rd Sep 2008    India

SUPAUL, INDIA (September 3, 2008) – CARE’s emergency team in the flood-affected Supaul district of Bihar state warns that standing pools of water created by the floodwaters provide a breeding ground for water-borne disease and malaria. CARE is one of the agencies coordinating with the government to provide food and ...

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ZIMBABWE CARE prepares to resume operations

 29th Aug 2008    Zimbabwe

HARARE, ZIMBABWE (August 29, 2008) – CARE International in Zimbabwe was pleased today to receive notice the Government of Zimbabwe will permit registered humanitarian organizations to resume full operations, effective immediately. The announcement was made in a press statement from Mr. L.C. Museka, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public ...

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