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Libya floods: Country in shock with the death toll and destruction

Devastating floods in Libya caused by Storm Daniel have taken the lives of thousands of people and provoked shocking levels of destruction. CARE Libya Program Manager Reema Lazar described the terrible impacts on the country:

"Storm Daniel and subsequent severe floods have devastated Libya; the whole country is in shock. With water levels as high as ten meters, large parts of Derna in the east have been utterly wiped out with communication and electricity networks down, and medical facilities destroyed. Over 10,000 people remain missing, and more than 5,000 have lost their lives; including family members of CARE staff. The number of casualties is increasing hour by hour. CARE Libya is currently assessing the situation and is on standby to assist.

From CARE’s experience in supporting severe flood emergencies such as this, we know that immediate lifesaving support is urgently required in the first days. Those injured, pregnant women, mothers, and their children, as well as those with disabilities are often the most affected following a crisis of this scale, which can leave them in precarious and vulnerable situations. Our hearts are with all Libyans at this difficult time."