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Gaza: CARE calls on all parties to protect civilians

May 10, 2023 - CARE International strongly condemns the recent upsurge of violence in Gaza which has led to the killing of civilians, including women and children. CARE strongly calls on all parties to the conflict to fulfil their obligations to protect civilians. Attacks on civilians or civilian infrastructure, whether intended or not, are an unacceptable breach of international humanitarian law.   

“The 2.1 million people living in Gaza have been enduring a chronic blockade and several conflicts that have had a devastating impact on their lives economically and mentally. This must stop", says Hiba Tibi, CARE Country Director in Palestine West Bank and Gaza. 

CARE calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and the lifting of the 16-year-old blockade imposed on the people living in Gaza. Civilians and civilian infrastructure must never be targets.

For media inquiries, please contact Muzna Shihabi, CARE MENA Regional Communications Advisor via: [email protected].