Freezing weather conditions impact communities already facing multiple emergencies in Pakistan

Balochistan, Pakistan, 8 February 2021 

“Freezing conditions continue to impact Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces in Pakistan. Multiple emergencies including the COVID-19 pandemic, locust invasions and flooding have exacerbated the impact of the weather conditions, with communities in remote areas feeling the force of compounding economic blows, affecting their ability to purchase necessities including food, winter clothing, blankets and medical supplies. The flooding and locust invasion in 2020 impacted two cropping seasons, leaving families with inadequate food supplies to see them through the harsh winter. Women and girls are finding it challenging to go out and collect water in the difficult conditions, which are set to intensify in the coming weeks and continue until March 2021.  CARE will be supporting affected communities with essentials to help them face the freezing weather, including cotton mattresses, quilts, shawls, sweaters, woolen caps and gloves benefitting 2,500 people. Additional funding will allow us to reach more vulnerable communities,” said CARE Pakistan Country Director, Adil Sheraz. 


Founded in 1945, CARE is one of the largest and oldest humanitarian aid organisations fighting global poverty. CARE has a special focus on empowering and meeting the needs of women and girls and promoting gender equality and works in 100 countries around the world. 

CARE began working in Pakistan in 2005 following a 25-year absence. We work in some of the country’s most remote and logistically challenging areas to address the underlying causes of poverty. We work to overcome discrimination against girls and women in healthcare and education. We lobby for policy change around sexual and reproductive health and work to remove barriers to education and employment. We help communities access water and sanitation and improve their livelihood options. We also help communities prepare for disasters and provide emergency relief when it is needed. 

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