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CARE welcomes Gaza deal to pause fighting and release hostages

22 November 2023 - CARE welcomes the announcement of a deal that includes the freeing of 50 civilian hostages, a four-day pause in the fighting, and the entry of critically needed humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and fuel into Gaza. 

"The deal provides hope which, after 46 days of conflict, is so desperately needed for the over 2 million men, women and children of Gaza. We hope that this pause leads to a sustained ceasefire,"
said Hiba Tibi, CARE West Bank and Gaza Country Director.  

“I am especially hopeful about the news that hundreds of aid trucks will be allowed into Gaza. This is a critical opportunity for safe and sustained aid to reach Palestinian families, at a scale commensurate with the skyrocketing needs following the utter decimation of critical infrastructure and life support. Food, water, fuel, medical supplies, and services are needed now at scale to prevent further loss of life. Critically, a restoration of power is urgently required. The people of Gaza need to get clean water running, to get bakeries operational, and importantly get hospital generators powered up to meet the immense needs of those that rely on them, including for the premature babies, the injured and critically ill,” added Ms Tibi. 

CARE urges all parties to facilitate the safe distribution of aid throughout the whole of the Gaza Strip. It calls for rapid, safe, unhindered, and sustained humanitarian access; the release of all hostages; respect for international humanitarian law which mandates the protection of civilians, including humanitarian and medical workers, and civilian objects such as hospitals; and a lasting ceasefire.

For media inquiries, please contact Iolanda Jaquemet, Senior Humanitarian Communications Coordinator, CARE International via: [email protected].