CARE International worked in Vietnam from 1954 to 1975 to address immediate needs, by supporting local food supply, health care and education.

CARE returned to Vietnam in 1989 and has since worked in almost all of Vietnam’s 64 provinces and cities, providing more than 200 development projects. CARE International in Vietnam’s projects have supported agricultural and rural development, livelihood enhancement, community-based health care, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, disaster risk reduction, climate change response, emergency relief and rehabilitation, water and sanitation infrastructure, and the advancement of gender equality.

Today CARE International in Vietnam continues to deliver humanitarian and emergency assistance in times of crisis, but primarily focuses on ensuring long-term positive change for marginalised groups, especially women, by tackling the underlying causes of poverty, vulnerability, and social injustice.

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CDC Building, No.25 Le Dai Hanh Street, 9th floor, Zone B1, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: + (844) 37 161 930



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