As the Syrian crisis entered its 9th year in March 2019, CARE remains gravely concerned about the impact of the conflict on civilians, who continue to pay a heavy price. On average, over 150 Syrians are killed on a daily basis. Civilians are targeted, displaced and are living in dire conditions in besieged areas with grave humanitarian needs. The Syrian conflict has triggered the largest displacement crisis in the world with 6.2 million internally displaced and 5.6 million Syrians in neighboring countries such as JordanLebanonEgyptTurkey or Iraq.

Of the estimated 11.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance across Syria, 5 million people are experiencing acute needs.

CARE responds to the crisis inside Syria through a network of local partners. CARE’s response in Syria includes support for food security and the re-establishment of livelihoods options. We are helping providing reproductive, primary care and maternal health, as well as shelter, clean water and proper sanitation, mainly by distributing relief supplies and multi-purpose cash vouchers for food as well as hygiene and baby kits, dignity kits for the elderly and sanitary products which at times of emergency are among the most important items people need to carry on daily activities such as cooking, carrying water or washing their hands.

Where possible, CARE helps rebuild livelihoods, developing resilience programs and providing families with early recovery support, including agricultural production, livestock programs, cash for work, microfinance, and concerted protection programming, including for gender-based violence, case management and psychosocial programming.

CARE has reached more than 4.7 million people in Syria since 2014.

For an overview of the crisis, download our Syria crisis factsheet and CARE's impact numbers. Find more about Syrian refugees’ situation and CARE’s response on Syrian Refugees Spotlight.

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