Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

CARE has worked in Papua New Guinea (PNG) since 1989, implementing long-term development projects and responding to emergencies including the El Nino drought and frost in 1997, the Aitape tsunami in 1998, the Manam Island volcanic eruption in 2004 and floods in the Oro province in 2007.

CARE continues to assist during emergencies, most recently supporting remote communities in Wonenara Sub-district of the Eastern Highlands Province with emergency water, sanitation and hygiene training and provisions after a severe outbreak of dysentery in the area.

We are also supporting remote and disadvantaged areas with improved governance, agricultural practices, water, sanitation and hygiene, education and HIV prevention and care. We are providing assistance to disaster risk management, working to address gender-based violence and support women with increased opportunities to generate an income.

Our work in Papua New Guinea focuses on:

  • community development
  • water and sanitation
  • education
  • agriculture and natural resource management
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and care
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