Participants reached in 2018

  • 491,272 direct
  • 1,407,971 indirect

Participants reached by program area

  • Humanitarian response
    • 7,659 direct
    • 53,103 indirect
  • Women's economic empowerment
    • 2,869 direct
    • 20,178 indirect
  • The right to sexual, reproductive and maternal health
    • 3,523 direct
    • 24,661 indirect
  • The right to a life free from violence
    • ​8,086 direct
    • 56,602 indirect
  • Food and nutrition security and climate change resilience
    • 3,806 direct
    • 26,881 indirect

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CARE first established its mission in Afghanistan in 1961, but suspended activities after the Russian invasion of 1979. Resuming activities in 1989 from a new base in Peshawar, Pakistan, CARE delivered assistance to Afghanistan from across the border until 2002 when it shifted its main office back to Kabul. CARE Afghanistan’s programs centre around four main areas:

  • Education
  • women’s social and economic empowerment
  • rural development
  • emergency response

Each program strives to strengthen self-reliance while promoting basic human rights, good governance, and social, economic and gender equality. In addition to its community-based work, CARE Afghanistan advocates with and on behalf of vulnerable and marginalized Afghans for national and international policies that support and protect their interests and maximize their chances to break out of the cycle of poverty.

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