Spotlight Yemen

Spotlight Yemen

Humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Yemen currently has the greatest level of humanitarian needs in the world. After an armed conflict erupted in March 2015, over 21 million people ­82 percent of the population — is in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

The conflict has resulted in 6,503 deaths and 2.8 million people displaced. Women and children make up 67 percent of those displaced by the conflict and over 30 percent of displaced households in some areas of the country are female-headed. Yemenis are struggling to survive as fuel, food and medical supplies are critically low due to the closure of land, sea and air routes. Just 30 per cent of monthly needed national fuel requirements have arrived in country since May 2016 resulting in over 19 million people lacking clean water and sanitation. More than half of the population is suffering from food insecurity and malnutrition as wheat and other staples are in increasingly short supply. Over 14 million are without access to health care as hospitals shut down due to lack of medical supplies and power cuts. 

For an overview of the crisis,dowanload the Yemen factsheet here.


CARE's Response

CARE has been working in Yemen since 1992, and is currently providing humanitarian assistance through water, sanitation and hygiene services and reproductive health services to needy populations in Yemen. 

Water is one of the most critical needs in Yemen. CARE is trucking in water and installing water tanks, as well as, distributing hygiene kits in vulnerable neighbourhoods in Yemen. With over 14 million people unable to access healthcare, CARE is also providing safe birthing kits for pregnant women and mothers with young children.

As an alternative to joining armed groups, CARE is working to empower youth with peace-building and vocational training as a way to provide them with an income not related with the ongoing conflict. We also support entrepreneurship with loans, equipment and technical advice. 

The ongoing violence is making humanitarian access to those most in need extremely challenging, and CARE continues to call on all parties to the conflict and the international community to prioritize the access and delivery of life-saving supplies to the affected people in Yemen.

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