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Through our work in more than 100 countries around the world, we aim to show our impact by sharing personal stories as well as data. 

CARE International works in more than 100 countries around the world. We aim to show our impact through sharing human stories and amplifying the voices of the people we work with. We also recognize the importance of collecting and sharing data, both to communicate the impact of our work, and to remain transparent. 

A Ukrainian woman, dressed warmly and covered by a light pink blanket, sits and talks with a man wearing an orange CARE vest.

Olga, a Ukrainian woman, talks with a CARE employee at a stop in Romania. She fled her home in Izmail with her cat, and hopes to travel to Poland to live with her children.

A Guatemalan woman and girl smile and wave. The woman is wearing a white jacket with a CARE logo embroidered above the pocket.

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We work in over 100 countries across the globe to save lives, fight poverty, and achieve social justice. Find out more about the work of our country offices and members around the world.

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A man wearing an orange CARE vest smiles and gestures towards the camera. Behind him, a large town is visible.

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Read stories showcasing the human impact of CARE's work around the world.

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Reach and impact data
Total participants reached in 2023
  • Direct 166,647,108
  • Women & girls 62%
  • Indirect -
Cumulative impact since 2015
We do not have long-term impact data for this country yet
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Total reach
  • Direct reach:
  • Indirect reach:
  • Impact:


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Please note that the figures in this site may not be the same as those reported to donors or host governments based on different reporting periods. CARE's international aggregated reporting mechanisms always use the Fiscal Year from July to June.